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 I just have to take a moment to reflect on this fox fur purse that I purchased last year. So last weekend I was traveling to the east coast to visit some extended family members of mine and it was the first time ever that I traveled on an airplane with this purse. And I know that sounds somewhat unremarkable but the whole reason I purchased this bag in the first place was because I wanted to travel with it since it looked kind of like a giant travel bag that’s covered in fur. But it still gave me pause because there are all these different restrictions at the airport when it comes to how large of a bag you can take with you on the plane before it is no longer considered a personal item or carry on luggage. And this purse is 24” x 32” so it’s at least twice the size of the typical purses that they allow on board a given flight.  Still it was to my surprise that when I brought it to the airport, TSA had absolutely no problem with getting my bag through the x-ray machine. They didn’t have to check it, it didn’t have to go in the belly of the aircraft, I was able to tuck it under my seat. Neither the captain, the flight attendants or even the person sitting next to me had a problem with my purse….I was so relieved. This is an absolute game changer. I’m never leaving town without this purse ever again.


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