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    What Started Your Love of Fur?

    Hi! First time that I write here. I´m from Sweden so excuse me for my sometimes bad english! I´m an 18 year old guy who just loves fur! I don´t really know exactly what started my passion for fur. I know that my grandma used to have a mink coat that she carried around me with when I was a small child. I think that this must have been the start. As I got older I used to sneak in to my grandma´s bedroom and take her coat to the toilet! There I walked around in the coat and just loved it. When I was around 11-12 I started to take of my clothes under it and this led me right in to masturbating with the coat. And I just loved it! My second furexperience was when I started to look around in my familywardrobes. I didn´t find any at home but at an aunt that I´m often stay with I found another mink! I must have been 12 or 13 at this time. I´m often sleeps over at my aunt and I had the luck to get in the same room as the minkcoat! What nights I´ve had there! Sometimes I was up all night and masturbated on and on and on... Nowdays I use the coats as often as I can...I own a Prada-foxcollar an a fake hat but as I move to my own place I´m going to start to buy many furs of my own...bye for now! Hope that more people will tell how their love started!


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