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    What Started Your Love of Fur? By FurKing

    OK , my fur story - ever since I can remember, I have longed to be wrapped up soft and snugly - this is going back to my earliest memories, say circa 2 or 3 yrs old.

    I can remember playing outside the house and being envious of my little sister in her pram all wrapped up under the blankets (at that point, I had no idea that furs even existed).

    A little later, I used to take the blankets off my bed to wrap up in! Then about the age 6 or 7, I started to have to go church, a real old (Norman) cold and draughty one. There, I first noticed furs, still never having even touched one. They were usually 'only' musquash (muskrat) and worn by much older women. How I envied them all wrapped up warm. And what exactly was that mysterious attraction I had for the furs they were wearing? I felt confused, but it didn’t stop me staring. This is about the time my Mum caught me in bed with the new fake fur bathmat!!!!! A tad embarrassing.....

    The experience that really got me going with fur was when I was 11 and went to Canada for the summer holidays. On the flight out just across the aisle was and older lady, about 55-60, very elegant, still quite attractive, obviously very much enjoying wearing her mink stole under the aircon, while smoking cigs in a holder - I couldn't keep my eyes off her..... I think it was then that I was hooked on furs (but luckily not on smoking!) While in Canada, the country for furs (that much I did know), I desperately sought out shops and pics, but being only 11 and mostly in the countryside, I never saw any fur shops, and only one pic – a white mink heart-shaped dress collar in the Eatons catalogue, summer 1968.

    Two other things happened around this time. First my parents bought winter coats with beaver lamb collars for both my sisters. How I used to envy them as I insisted on sitting in the middle of the back seat in the car on family outings.

    The other fur event at that time was the purchase by my Grandmother of a Canadian musquash coat. Unfortunately, I wasn’t invited along to the fur salon, but I’d love to have been…… However, soon after, when we were all on a visit, my mother and sisters all tried it on, and I actually wound up the guts to ask for a try myself – oh it was so gorgeous, the first fur coat I ever tried on, so briefly, alas – what a feeling! I used to love going round to granny’s on my own, just in case, but it was another six years before I had an opportunity to have that coat to myself for a short while…… And even then it was a unique occasion, sadly.

    However, I didn't get my own fur until I was 14. Around that time our family acquired a fox pelt which was supposed to belong to my sister, but I soon purloined it. Almost the same time I discovered how to 'lock' my room with my waste bin, cricket bat and bibles (I just knew there was a use for them somewhere!) wedged against the door and furniture. I was in heaven! Amazingly, it was then, in my undisturbed privacy, that I discovered masturbation by accident with the fox fur! It was an extraordinary feeling, and I was so surprised the first time I came!! But I was hooked from then on, despite the guilt feelings, feelings of guilt which were so strong that I vainly attempted to keep the fox fur in the attic out of reach to avoid temptation. Needless to say, I always went back to that fur, so powerful was the urge, so pleasurable was the experience.

    Since that first teenage fur and that first sexual experience, the discovery of masturbation with fur, I’ve not looked back in my quest for fur. Since then too, I have almost always owned a fur, more recently being able to acquire quite a few more. This fabulous desire is as strong as ever.

    Those guilt feelings have only really been completely eliminated these last three years with the advent of the internet and our ability to share our experiences. What a liberator the internet is. Truly, those fur freaks who missed out on the internet age were terribly deprived, and equally truly, the younger members of our net community should reflect on their incredibly good fortune.

    Looking back, I think I always had it in me to have this wonderful predilection for furs. It grew with each new experience building on and confirming previous ones. However, in a conversation with my mother not so long ago, one other thing came to light. As a boy, I remember my sisters having a small white fake fur hooded jacket that they used to dress their largest dolls in. I simply don’t know how it got into the conversation, but I was nearly knocked out to hear that that jacket had originally been given to me, yes me (!), as a christening present, by a family friend from France. Bless her! Could that have been the trigger for my fur predilection, when I was just months old, before the dawning of my own conscience? And I only remembered that lady for the fabulous sable jacket she had when I was in my late teens – but that’s another story…

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