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What are you listening to?


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Fitting given the time of year


Edit: Thanks guys... and be prepared for what I am about to unleash upon your poor ol ears/Eyes


For example: Glinka


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As you wish, Bernadette. No John Williams' scores, but can't say the same for him conducting summat though LOL.


My final contribution for the day: A little ditty by the Red Priest. Enjoy.


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Ah, that good ol' Aussie, Tommy Emmanuel.. and I love the big sigh at the end. As for the 'serious' offering... could grab a concerto played by another Aussie, John Williams... " XXX for the Gentleman" where XXX stands for summat. I think it was also by Albeniz, but will have to pop over to youtube and go through my 600+ favs LOL


But, I raise you another Emmanuel brother and throw in a bit of classical Sky.




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Not a bad selection folks.


Jussi came to my attention via this little Duet (and it is forever more my absolute favourite version of this duet):



As for organ music... hmmmmmmmmm How about combining a sleigh ride with it? Keeps it within the Christmas/holiday feeling:



And a bit of trumpet via Leroy Anderson again (could have been WAM, but aam on a Leroy diet at moment):



And finally a bit of a Knees up:



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