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What are you listening to?


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New thread. New fun.


What are you listening to? Or the last song/video that you enjoyed?


Lets keep this to MUSIC only.


This is mine.



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Lewis Black - End of the Universe, as I fall asleep at night.

USB key in my truck, with all sorts of stuff.

Country, jazz, pop, instrumentals etc....

Such as:


Dave Brubeck

Chuck Mangione

Kenny Rogers

Meco - Star Wars and other Galactic Funk

Eddy Raven

Paul Simon

Mannheim Steamroller - Christmas music in particular!

And a handful of American country songs, in other languages!

Such as German, Latic and Czech.

Just your normal everyday eclectic collection of stuff!!

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That song by Def Leppard is pretty good. That's a genre of music that I never got into when I was younger, but I probably missed some stuff that I'd like. Thanks for sharing that, atlanticfurs.

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Amy Winehouse-North Sea Jazz Festival '04 (FULL CONCERT)


Amy Winehouse played the Port of Rotterdam North Sea Jazz Festival on Sunday, July 11, 2004 in the Paulus Potter Hall, 12:30 AM - 1:45 AM.

She played LIVE songs from her debut album "Frank" (2003).Maybe her BEST show ever.

Vocals:Amy Winehouse

Piano:Sam Beste (Fender Rhodes)

Bass: Pete Cochrane

Drums:Bradley Webb



01.Know You Now [00:00]

02.October Song [05:00]

03.You Sent Me Flying (with footage)* [08:58]

04.Mr. Magic(with footage)* [14:44]

05.Take The Box [20:17]

06.What Is It About Men [23:53]

07.Band Intro [28:16]

08.I Heard Love Is Blind [28:52]

09.Stronger Than Me [35:26]

10.Brother [40:52]

11.In My Bed [46:52]

*Footage by Haasz http://www.youtube.com/user/haasz?ble...



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Earlier, I had Mannheim Steamroller - Live BluRay DVD playing.

All access album - CD, DVD and Blu Ray.


First Live album in 20 years!

Great background music, as I rearranged my railroad book library!!

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nice one!

I mostly listening to The Prodigy then driving,goes way faster then.


But on the subject "car in musicvideos" then this so hot.

Kylie in a De Tomaso Mangusta!

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My local band.... The Dolmen.... I see them quite a few times a year... "Celtic Pirate arrrrrrr Rock" they go under these days fecking awesome live on their day I can assure, enjoy


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