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    The following is FrBrGr's introductory message that he posted at the Melody site about these original messages.'''

    Quoting FrBrGr:


    I really hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoyed having them in the "old" Fur Den! What really makes me sad, though, is in moving these from the "new" Den to this forum, I somehow lost two posts. That means that five or six stories were lost! If any of you "old" members read the posts after I moved them to the new Den, and you don't see them here in this forum, please email me and let me know. Maybe we can recreate your story. Sorry about this - I'm still kicking myself for this mishap.


    The following is a post by FrBrGr from the Original Den telling a bit of how his love of fur began.

    What Started Your Love of Fur?



    OK, you've read everyone else's, now here's mine!

    It was either my mother or a magnificent Silver Fox Fur Collar. . . ! Now that's what many would call a rhetorical statement! LOL

    For the sake of this discussion, though, I'll briefly recap the story. When I was very young, I had the somewhat questionable habit of taking off my clothes in the middle of the day. Not so bad if it was at home, but my mother has told me stories of how I would do it at other people's houses. Once, I even did it in Sunday school! I guess I did pose some problems for my folks! At any rate, one day I was running about the house - naked, as usual - when I jumped up on my parents' bed. Laying across the bed was my mom's winter coat, which had a huge, silver fox collar. I can still remember that magnificent piece of fur to this day! Out of curiosity, I'm sure, I reached over and touched the fur. I remember that I liked the way it felt, and so I pulled it over to me so that it was touching most of the front of my little body. I remember that I was mezmerized by the fur. I stroked it and loved the sensations of it touching my body. I must have been in an altered state of consciousness, because I did not notice that my mother had come into the room. I remember that she screamed at me and snatched the coat away from me. She scared me to death, and must have made an indelible mark in my mind that this was something that was extremely forbidden. Now, I'm no psychologist, but I am willing to bet that this is how it all began. To my mind, anything that felt that good and was that forbidden had to be something to covet and enjoy. But secretly, because, after all, it was something that I shouldn't do.

    I don't remember any other "close encounters of the third kind" for many years after that although I do remember taking notice of every fur collar, every fur muff, every fur hat and every fur coat after that. I also remember sneaking feels at every opportunity. Carefully, because I didn't want the wrath of mom heaped upon me again. But there was nothing like that first encounter until I was into puberty.

    By that time, the fox collar was history, only to be replaced by a coat with a sheared beaver collar. Then there was my sister's Davy Crockett hat. It wasn't a genuine coonskin hat; the hat part was made from rabbit fur. It only had a genuine raccoon tail. One day, when no one was home, I came across the hat. I stroked it and brushed it against my face and a funny thing happened to me. For the first time in my life, I started to get an erection. Now I don't know why I did it. Whether I remembered how good the fur felt against my body years before I can't say. I just remember that the next thing I did was to undress. I began to rub the rabbit fur against my body and then around my penis and I remember what a thrill that was. Then I remembered that my sister's hat wasn't the only thing in the house that was soft and furry. There was the COLLAR! That allowed me to rub my body and my penis at the same time. I'll never forget that first orgasm. It scared the hell out of me, but at the same time, it was the most incredibly wonderful feeling that I had ever had. I messed up my sister's hat a little, but in spite of that stuff that came out of me and into her hat, I was still alive and already wanting a repeat performance. This time it was with the sheared beaver collar, and that felt even better. From then on; from the very first time I masturbated, I have always done it with fur. From then on, I have always loved the thrill that I have gotten from fur touching my body. And from then on, I have always looked forward to the next time that I would do that forbidden - but wonderful thing.

    I have graduated from a Davy Crockett hat and a sheared beaver collar. First, there was a bunny fur stole that I bought "for my sister." That's what I told the sales clerk. I remember that I was so very embarrassed buying it - wondering what the clerk really thought - but all the while my heart was racing because I knew what I was really going to do with the stole. Then there was the first coat. Again, a bunny fur coat that I bought after I had graduated from college and left home for good. Then there was another and another and another. Now I have a collection of over eighty coats and jackets. I have graduated from bunny fur to fox, although I still love the feel of bunny fur against me. Sometimes I even prefer it to my fox because of its incredible softness. I also have accumulated fur mittens, hats and boas that I use in every way my imagination has let me. I have made a fur coccoon that is incredible to crawl into. And to think that it all began almost a half-century ago when a little boy very innocently jumped up on his parents' bed and became interested in his mommy's fur collar.

    Ask me if I'm happy that it happened to me, and you'll see a huge smile come across my face. "YES!" I will tell you. "YES!" I love fur. I love the way it feels against me. I love the way it thrills me. I love the way it calms me when I'm stressed. I love the way it excites me, and I love the way it satisfies me. I used to be ashamed of the way I felt. No more. Thanks to all of you who have made me feel very much at ease with my fetish. I know I'm not the only one, and the more I live, the more I see others who I suspect are still in the closet. Some of which who will never feel comfortable with the way they feel, but some who will come to accept their fetish. . . and enjoy it.


    FrBrGr's original message of tearing down the old site and a message here by FurKing.

    First, BrGr's Message. You can still find it today in our Archives


    I am about to do something that I have always dreaded doing, but for everything, there is a season. The old Fur Den served its purpose. It brought together many like-minded people and it forged many long-lasting friendships. It was relatively small and rather quaint, but it was an oasis of a sort, and a safe haven for all of us looney fur freaks. I sincerely hope that in its new venue, it still offers the same warm, friendly and genuine approach as the old one did.

    Anyway . . .

    I'm going to tear the old Den down, but before I did, I wanted to glean some of the better posts from there. Not necessarily the best-written posts, but posts I think are of interest to all fur lovers.

    In the first of many posts I'm going to bring over here, I am going to start with posts from "old" Denizens describing how this magnificent obsession began for them. I will identify subsequent posts in the subject line as "Old Den Archive Post." Appropriately, this first post was written by my former partner in the old Den, Fur King.

    I hope you will enjoy this, and future posts. FrBrGr


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