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I'll never forget his encounter with a waitress while he was wearing his full length crystal fox coat. As he put it, he was "dressed to the eights". He went on to describe the 8 inch wide collar, the 80 inch sweep (WOW), and so forth. I can only imagine!


All the best!


Here is the link to JG's original post on being "dressed to the 8's":



I have just rechecked his profile:



It says, "Total posts: 2989" and then, "6.16% of all posts / 1.72 posts per day"


6 percent of ALL posts in the Den!!! 6 per cent... Which means, with JG, we were 100, and now without him, we are 94...


Almost 2 posts per day... That's incredible! I don't know how he managed it.


What a great loss...

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samurman, you are so right. Add to this the number of responses he inspired in all of us and the percentage of influence and number of resulting posts is even greater.


The first difference we noticed when he left us, was not his posts. It was how silent we felt the site was. It took us about 10 days to realize why. Most of us come-and-go. It is not that each and everyone of us is not important. What made his loss so much of an impact was we expected him to be here. For four years we shared in his insights and love of fur. You never expect that to change. We all know better, but we still do.


I do know this: he was a bright, wonderful man, who loved fur and made a wonderful commitment to our site. I know he loved sharing his eBay finds with OFF. He loved sharing his favorite music. He did it for the pure joy of sharing and added so much.



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Music, too...? I never knew -- and I am usually the first to find out about people's musical tastes! Damn: I wish I had...I'm too late now...(For shame -- I'm talking to myself there)


Cheers, J.

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  • 9 months later...

Thank you, Joe. It is so hard to believe it has been a year.


For those of you who did not know him, he was an incredible member who contributed so much while he was here. His favorite smile was snoopy.


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One thing that I have noticed here as on many web sites. I've heard people who are not on the net much say "Oh I don't need imaginary friends on the internet. I have REAL friends!" That always kind of makes me laugh. If they only could see the emotion when things like this take place. They would realize that these people can and do become "Real Friends", and their comment makes them look so insanely stupid when they talk to people familiar with the subject.


JG was a real friend to many of us. Just as many others are here too. And as mentioned, we do miss him greatly!



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