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    I just wanted to take the time to post my fur fetish beginnings. I have found others very interesting and appreciate all who have written theirs on this forum. (Thanks Fur Burger for kind of starting it). By the way, before I get started, I am a Federal employee and I'm sitting at my computer at home and I have the TV on. The soap opera "Passions" is on. It is loaded with furs! I'm serious. Some real, some fake, but it is amazing. Anyway, back to my story. I know that some of this is similar to others but I guess that's part of the thread that links us all together. I don't remember how old I was. I know it before puberty. My mother had an old fur that she never wore anymore and it was hung in my closet. (Why it was in my closet and not hers, I don't know. Maybe fate huh?) Anyway I used to watch "live wrestling" at that time in my life and I used to pretend wrestling with pillows. Then one day, to make it more real I decided to stuff some pillows in the fur coat and wrestle it. (It would be more like a person). Well obviously after wrestling with the fur, I became aroused. The more I wrestled with it, the more aroused I became until I figured out that by wrestling the fur coat with pants off was most wonderful. Of course I got to the point of climax, although at that age, nothing came out. I continued becoming more and more obsessed with fur. I wanted to buy some for my very own. Of course not being rich and not having much money it was very difficult. And I had to hide them from my mother. I bought a few cheap fur things and I was on my way! As I got a little older, I could afford a little more. I was about 19 at the time and I found a black fox muff and a black fox collar that were quire nice. (Now you know why I used the black fox muff in my four part fur story that is posted on Frank's site and the Fur Twins site.) Anyway, I played and loved those furs for awhile. Then I went into the service. (Viet Nam era). I carefully hide my furs in my closet since I knew that I wouldn't be home for quite a while. (It ended being 3 years +.) When I came home I looked thru my closet and to my horror, the furs were gone!! I'm sure my mother found them and threw them away. (My beautiful black fox muff!!) Well, I couldn't very ask my mother what happened to my furs. I would have been very embarrassed at that time to even admit it to anyone. Through the years, I have bought some furs and still have to hide them. My wife does not agree with or like my fetish. I have tried over the years to coax her into it but to no avail. But as the rest of you, I love fur more than ever and I will never stop. And again with the explosion of the Internet, I feel so much better with all the fur fetish sites and other fur fetishists out there. It is great to communicate and share this magnificent obsession.



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