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    At age 55, I can look back and remember how it might have started. As a very young child I would sit wrapped in a blanket and suck my thumb. (Gross!)I recall the good secure feelings I had during those times. When I was 4-5 years old, while taking a nap, the jacket of my best friend was draped over a nearby chair. The sight of the fleece lining gave me "funny" feelings that were quite unusual. I know it wasn't that sight that started anything, but I do remember the nice feeling it gave me. It's fascinating how early in our psycho-sexual development, such attachments develop. Soon after. I would enjoy the playing with another friend of mine on his bear skin rug. His mother was quite accomodating and I spent many hours rolling around, under and on top of that furry rug. Fur then became a pleasant sight for me as a child, stroking it where I could and enjoying the women in my life wearing their furs.

    I would visit my cousin, Dotty, and find any reason to pull out an old fox jacket they had and make up some game so I could wear it (Monkey suit, or whatever). In fact one morning when my aunt was away,, I took my aunt's mink coat out of the closet, put it on and began jumping on the bed. Dotty -- who clearly had more sense than I -- urged me to stop and put the coat away -- relunctantly I did.

    My first sexual experience with furs was when I was about 12. I actually went through a logical thought process wondering what a vagina felt like. I wondered if a fur piece might simulate it. I pulled a fox piece from my Mom's closet, brought it upstairs to bed with me and experimented. Though the love of furs did not begin then either, I sure picked up steam! At that age I desired a racccon coat so bad, but knew it would never happen, at least not in the near future.

    Once while our family visited my aunt for a holiday, I snuck off to my favorite closet to visit my favorite fox jacket. This time, the pants came off and I went at it. Suddenly the door opened and my mother was standing their -- furious. The threats that came from her mouth -- and warnings of how perverted were my actions -- clearly told me of her feelings! How jealous I am of those mothers who permitted their sons access to their furs.

    When my mom was away on vacation, I would take her mink coat upstairs to my room, and keep it in my closet, and sleep with it, wear it... you know, enjoy it.

    About that time I also had a passion to have a gorilla costume (I still do!). I'm sure the fur fetish played into it, but there was more.( This has never come to pass, but this might be the year if I can somehow explain such a purchase to my wife.)

    Thoughout my high school years I was frustrated by being embarrassed by my fondness for furs, yearning for any girl wearing a fur -- or even more commonly -- a fake fur coat. I would collect pictures where I could and wish and hope for the day when I would have a girl who would wear furs for me and when I could someday buy them for her.

    In my senior year, as I was driving past a local drive-in, a girl I knew waved at me wrapped in a big raccoon coat! I nearly drove off the road. "Did I see what I thought I saw? Where did she get that?" I recall the first day she wore it to school. Everyone was gathered round as she showed off her coat. I felt I was the only one seeing the coat in the special way I did.

    In college, I dated the girl who would become my future wife. Eventually I confessed to her of my fondness for furs. She cautiously accepted it. Her mother had a old skunk jacket that she had worn vitually everyday to work in the 40's. It was pretty beat up, but my wife agreed to take it. I would encourage night-time walks whenever I could so she could wear it. Soon, that wasn't enough. I had to buy her something "better." I visited second hand stores (no eBay in those days), and purchased a muskrat coat and a raccoon jacket for her. Finally I purchased a full length black rabbit coat for her, as rabbit coats were very popular in the late 60's, a mouton jacket, and a Brazotta (fake) coat.

    Up to this time we still had no sex. But one weekend we decided to go to San Diego with another couple, take out motel rooms, and have the first time for each of us. She brought the rabbit coat. That weekend she learned of my connection with sex and furs. Afterward we would often have sex with her wrapped up in her rabbit coat. I still remember the stains on the lining... oh well! After several years of marriage, I finally talked her into us buying her a mink coat. We bought a full-length tourmaline mink at a department store. With my urging, she would wear it occasionally on special occasions, but soon less and less frequently. I know she felt she was in competition with the furs -- that I preferred them over her. In spite of my explanation that they only made her more desirable and sexy, and made me feel more sensitive and loving, she eventually grew to dislike wearing furs. That along with numerous other issues contributed to our eventual divorce 6 years ago.

    While I was single, the internet was evolving and I was able to purchase a couple of furs that I hoped I might convince some future partner to wear. Of course I could always enjoy them in the meantime. But during this time I did learn one important thing:

    Men ask, "How do you tell your girlfriend of your love of furs...?" I found it rather easy. Women love sexual flirty talk when a trusting loving relationship has developed. I start, when the topic of conversation prompts it, by saying how I find furs on women very sexy. I then note their reaction. Almost always - except in the case of extreme animal rights types and the like -- a big smile crosses over their face and they start to offer, "I have a mink coat..." or " What types of fur do you like?" or "Really, tell me about it..." It is in this trusting environment that I then slowly reveal my love of furs, and notice how they feel about becoming part of this fantasy. Most often they love the idea of wearing their furs in a sexual setting or perhaps having the opportunity to buy a new fur coat.

    I soon met my current wife and we remained friends for about 3 years before we became engaged. Once things started to get serious, I slowly introduced my love of furs to her. I loved hearing her tell of how her parents bought her a $10,000 mink coat when she graduated from law school, and how the furrier she knew (and absolutely adored) convinced her to buy a white fox jacket. I told of my passions and soon I could see she was willing to please me in this way.

    We planned our "first" weekend on a special trip to San Francisco On the way we spent our first night together in a beach resort -- Pismo Beach. I convinced her to bring the fox, and all I can say it was very special. Since then I have opened up to her like I never thought possible. I pull out the furs at almost every sexual oportunity. She accepts it, but thinks it slightly weird. I try to lessen her concerns by having great sex and by focusing on her -- not the furs. (But she still thinks me nuts!) I even purchased a near new full length fox coat and had it sent ahead to a hotel we were going to stay for our anniversary. When she saw it laying on the bed she couldn't believe it. It was a great moment. Though she knows I will find the least opportunity to buy a fur coat, she strongly discourages that! We really have more than we need here in L.A. and our closet is full anyway.

    I purchased a raccoon coat a couple of years ago on eBay that never left the house. It was mine, but I could never get up the courage -- specially in Southern California - to wear a fur coat in public. However, just recently I wore it out on a cold night to my inlaws, then over to a friend's house with another couple, and finally on a snow trip with a youth group. Each time I found general approval and acceptance. I loved wearing it in the cold weather, yet my wife thought I was REALLY nuts for wearing that "ratty" thing. ( It's actually in great condition, though not up the calibre of her mink!)

    So I endure -- trying to balance my passion with reason -- boy that's hard!



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