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    I can never remember what exactly started it off but when i was a kid we had a fur in the garage loft which for some reason i liked to wear not pleasure myself just touch it that never aroused any suspision because i always used to play up there. Also while writing this i remember a incident while shooping with my parents aged 10 ish when they used to sell furs in Marks and Spencer in the uk (15 years ago!) i was just standing there touching then a whole rack of them lovley. but i was forever collecting pictures as i got older but my mum found all of them years ago a binned them all they were with a collection of Porn mags !! but the best time was a about 9 years ago i used to have a freind whos mum had alot of fur (the bastard!) and he had a black fox jkt in his cupboard no room in his mums wardrobe and when he opend it i got a hardon there and then(the coat from our loft had long scince gone)anway his parents were out and we were in his garage messing about when i said i had to go to the loo i sprinted up stais and put the coat on and had a wank there and then it was lovley, i still had time to have a look in his mums wardrobe loads of fur i could have had another wank there and then!! but i went and left home and joined the army about 7 years ago and iam looking 4 my own place at the moment so i can have my own furs ( there a bit difficult to have in barracks!!)



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