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    To Continue with my search for fur and My escapades... While in high school I hung out with one guy whose mother owned one of those multi-colored rabbit jackets. One day we were playing hockey in front of his house. His mom had called to him that his dinner was ready. I didn't have to be home for a couple of hours, so he suggested that I wait in his basement while he ate. He said that while I waited for him I could play video games. I agreed to wait for him. He told me he would be down in a half hour to 45 minutes. He led to the basement where I found the TV and the video games. I watched as he went up the stairs and closed the door. I then heard him proceed up to the second floor to eat his dinner.

    As soon as I was sure the coast was clear I immediately began to look through the large closet in the large room, hoping to find the jacket. To my dismay it was not there. I then saw that there was a smaller closet to the back of the basement. I practically killed myself getting to it. Tripping over my feet, hoping that what I was looking for was there. When I opened the closet I was pleasantly surprised to see the object of my desire hanging there in the closet. There was the multi-colored rabbit fur I had seen my friends mom wear. Who by the way was a very attractive older woman. Many a night I had fantasized about her seducing me with her fur. I grabbed the the rabbit jacket and looked for somewhere to lay it down. There was nowhere to lay down except for the bench-style seat that was along one of the walls in the basement. I placed the jacket on the bench, dropped my drawers and lowered myself onto it. I was so excited to be one with the fur. I began to hump the jacket furiously. The thought of possibly getting caught made me even more excited. I began to fantasize about getting it on with my friends mother. I pictured her wearing the fur and seducing me. Needless to say I did not last very long and I began to uload. Just as I did I rolled over and grabbed myself with a fist full of fur and proceeded to finish the job. I don't know how I did it but I managed to avoid staining the jacket. After recovering I put the jacket away and found the bathroom to clean up. I managed to do all of this and actually play one game before my friend came back down to the basement.

    Every day after that, when I would see my friends mom with that jacket on I would just smile to myself and wonder if she ever knewe what I had done to her jacket. I would also picture her and I having wild furry sex. To this day it still brings a smile to my face thinking about it.

    Fur Diver


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