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    My love of furs started when I was a little baby boy. When I was baptized my Godmother, Aunt NellyG, wore a mink stole. I guess as a little boy when I went over to her house I would ask her to show me the furs she had. Since I was so lucky, when I visited anybody who had furs I asked them to show them to me. My best place was my neighbors house. His wife had some nice furs. A fetishes dream. I didn't know I was sexually attracted to furs until one night the neighbors were going out and came over to our house. The wife was wearing a fox stole, real soft, and I could barely contain myself. I dont remember exactly how old I was 3-5 years old and I wanted to rub my cock against her fur. My mother kept telling me to behave and calm down. How could I calm down??? I have loved furs since I was a little boy and still love them as much. Christmas Day at church was wonderful too. A lot of the women wore their furs and some even showed off their new ones. Tremendous eye candy. Downtown was also a lot of fun at Christmas time and leading up to Christmas. A lot of times when we were down there, I would brush up against a womans fur,in the department store, just to get a feel of it. Fur on the arm is great. Esp when you are 8 years old. Just picked up a mink cape last Friday for $35. Light brown mink,soft and mink on both sides of the collar. Another happy fur fetish scores again.



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