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    When I was little, I remeber secretly playing with my grandma's old china mink coat. While in my late 20's, I used to store things in my grandma's extra bedroom. One day, went by to pick somethings up. I wondered if that old coat is still around so I looked in the closet. Yes it was, I removed it and began to touch it. I got aroused, so I removed my pants and began to rub myself. It was so good, that to my surprise, I started pumping it and made a mess of the sleeve. I tried to clean it as much as I can. Couple of weeks later, I went there to see if I left amy mark on what I did. Well, I did leave my mark. It had dried on the sleeve, so I had to clean it. The hard part was to sneak water in the bedroom without grandma noticing what I was doing. Good thing grandma doesn't wear the coat.

    Later on in life, I got married. My mother in law has a couple of furs. One day, I was there helping her fix something in the house. She left me alone in the house while she went out to get lunch. I had to look for her furs. I found her mink coat. Boy, it was really soft. I also got aroused and had to try it like what I did with grandma coat for comparision. No comparision to grandma, this was softer. I had more control so I didn't leave a mess, but it was great.

    mm (MinkMe)

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