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    I'm new to this...like many I thought I was alone in my passion for furs and 'soft' female apparel. For me it started when I was about five as I was next door at the neighbours house I noticed the oldest of the three boys, who was about 10 at the time, was wearing his mother's sweater. Well I never forgot that and it set off something inside. I used to sneak into my sister's closet at night and take as many of her sweaters as I could and take them to bed with me. I did it often. I always looked at ladies wearing a sweater and found some desire to be wearing it. When I was a teen I would sneak my older sisters mohair sweater and wear it front or backwards or have my legs up the arms and satisfy myself. I pretty well ruined her mohair. I kept this passion pretty deep as I thought there was something drastically wrong with me. I actually lost self-confidence over this. I probably was already lacking but this intensified things as I looked upon it with a negative view. My mother had a mink jacket that I would sneak from her bedroom. I was in my late teens then and would use it often. One day my sister and mother went to bingo leaving me home alone and I quickly took my clothes off and went into my mothers bedroom and got the fur out puting it on getting a hard on at the same time. Well my mother and sister forgot something and came through the front door. All I had to do was head for the bathroom and close the door but I panicked and threw the fur back into her closet and ran out of the bedroom naked while they wer coming into the bedroom to get what they had forgotten. My mother laughed at the sight of me and of course they found the fur on the floor. I never asked what they had come back for and the subject at hand was never brought up. I always looked forward to winter cold nights in Canada where I live because it would be fur season. I always enjoyed looking at women in fur. I have another passion and that is angora. I love angora. I've had several sweaters and dresses that I love to wear when I would have sex with my wife. But I still looked on it as a big negative and that I was the only one who did this. I thought I was a weirdo. I have all the normal sexual desires with women but I always had this passion for angora and fur. I even threw all my sweaters and dresses out regretting it later. It was quite costly. One time I visited a banquet hall where a big function was happening. On this particular evening it was still cold out and peaking through the front door I noticed all the furs hung up. Closing the inside door to the banquet itself I helped myself to taking three of the softest furs I could find. One was a white full length mink, another was a muskrat and the other a short mink. I ran out the door, jumped in my car and drove off. The excitement of what I now had along with what I just did in stealing them was unreal. I couldn't wait to get 'into' them. As I drove I started to think of these women and what they would do and feel once the found their furs gone. I guess my Catholic upbringing got the better of me because I never did get to releive myself on them. Instead I drove back to the banquet and left them at the front door. I never did it again. I was lucky I wasn't caught either. I'm now 48. I told my wife of my passion and I now own a mink coat. I find a desire to satsify my wife more when I am wearing the fur. With her help I don't feel 'different' like I use to. I imagine some of you reading this will find some similiarities in this. I had a girlfriend who wanted to please me so much she knitted me a mohair sweater and skirt and I always wore them during sex. But I felt really indifferent after. Something was missing. I still have them. I check E-Bay all the time for fur and angora. I stumbled onto this site accidently. So here I am. Hope you liked my experience.


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