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I stand here tonight for the star spangled banner

Guest touchofsable

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maybe some of you would like that.


Something tonight happened which has the rest of the world with their jaws on the floor.


Its about the united States of America and WHAT THEY SHOULD STAND FOR. For the first time in my lifetime they did.


As long as I live I will NEVER forget it.


Nine Americans (two sent off) against the might of Italy.


To many of you Americans you will not know what I am talking about.


But tonight i saw the small american flag against the might of the richest football country of the world. And anyone watching will rememeber them as the moral victors.


I cried at the end.



Forget the Alamo.

Forget Little big horn

Forget that pathetic liitle crook who gave you independence.

Forget every war you have ever fought


Jusr remember those tonight who showed your colours for what they died for, against all odds. tonight you have TRUE and REAL heroes.They fought for the real virtues of the USA.

Now; nine (eleven) men should be carved on your hearts forever. With this courage we should take heart and know that what is right, if we are prepared to fight, can win:




















i WISH i was American tonight


It was the bravest performance from the true American virtues i have ever had the privilege to see.



For the first time in my life I am humbled; and proud to say America are our friends.


You guys should learn those guys names off by heart. make them your next Government and everybody will be with you.




with nine men


Let it stand here as a sticky...we need this courage.

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For those of you Americans who dont know what I am talking about; you heroes are:


Kasey Keller (MAN OF THE MATCH) Goalkeeper USA NOW OFFICIAL FIFA Man of the Match

Carlos Bocanegra

Pablo Mastroeni

Steve Cherundulo

Clint Dempsey

Claudio Reyna

Bobby Convey

Brian McBride

Landon Donovan

Oguchi Onewyo

Eddie Pope


and subs:

Jimmy Conrad

and da marcus Beasley


For the record the only man deserverdly sent off was the Italian De Rossi.


there was also NOTHING wrong under new FIFA rules with the second and disqualified American goal.

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TODAY was the most important moment in American history in terms of respect from the rest of the world.




Your troops may have a handshake tomorrow from Iraquis in the street.


I have NEVER witnessed such heroism.



your team that is.


the rest of the world will NEVER forget them

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I'm searching around for something along the lines of what you're talking about, but unfortunately so far am not finding anything.

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That would sum it up.


ring up your news and COMPLAIN FIERCELY AND BITTERLY because if you dont the rest of the planet will NEVER understand you. this IS hugely important,. Your guys are heroes. Rest of the world are talking about it from hookah bars in Morocco to wine bars in London to Fosters bars in the ozzie outback to three Yakut hunting fox in temps of minus 25 in the summer of siberia.


And americans dont know. Its a disgrace. they are your heroes in the world tonight.


tap in FIFA world cup and then go to ITALY 1 USA 1


Irs so unbelievable (AND the USA deserved to win) you have a MORAL obligation to make EVERY american take note of those boys NOW!!!!!


For the record Italy were 1 to 25 to win....and thats with notoriously tight english bookies.

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Apparently the U.S.A. tied Italy in a World Cup match. Yes it's off topic, especially since there is a thread for WC already. And if TOS wants to leave, that is his prerogative. Please do not attempt to threaten us, TOS.



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what is wonderful and miraculous and gives hope is above all else.



especially when I witness something GOOD out of all the evil that the US is associated with in the world TONIGHT the rest of the world sings their praises.

I have posted it here because I want evetyone to know.


All I ask is for it to stand for ONE day.


To me if the USA can do this at soccer we can defeat PETA.


if you move it now we are dead in the soul and are finished.

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I was very proud after watching the USA and Italy match today. I watched from start to finish. I am not normally a soccer fan, but a big sports fan in general and of course the world cup is huge. It was a very entertaining game and the fact that the USA was able to play with the guts and fortitude they did, against one of the big soccer powerhouses in the world. It's been an interesting world cup so far and I can't wait to see more. US or no US. Is this 1-1 tie by the US a big deal in the soccer world? It's hard to gage from here.



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You cant imagine how important.


For the rest of the world its is all that matters.


Ghanain moslem players held up the Isreali flag today to show football is more important than religion when they beat the czechs unbelievably 2-0 Its that important to the rest of the world. be proud tonight. Just tonight.


Saudis prayed to God for their draw to the astonishment of their fellow moslem Tunisia (far superior technically and in rankings)


The czech team got ostrisized by the communists for making the sign of christ in the 1970 world cup when they scored the forst goal aganist brazil. i will never forget that even though they eventually lost 5 to 1.


Only if we have football we have peace. Only the USA werent in the vibe. TONIGHT they are.


Tonight is a night of fairy tales and dreams.

Chuck it in off topic tomorrow if you will.


let us dream with the USA tonight.


Its david and goliath and everyone loves a boy with a sling. make no mistake about it we are David against the Goliath of PETA.

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OK, since our Fearful Leader got a post in about a certain team here months ago in the Main forum, I will allow it for just once. However, at 6 PM New York time here tomorrow it will be moved.


I am not about to be bribed by anyone and the fact that bribary was used was almost enough to make me move it. However, just this once I will give in. For a few hours. So have fun. But - this is the last time!



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No offence but.....


Stop posting drunk so the rest of us might understand what you're talking about.


If I figure correctly, you are talking soccer and labeling them heros(???) because they won a soccer game(???)


I think you might be placing a little too much importance on a sport.

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There will be far fewer people killed in wars this five weeks than normal.


Somalia are having a revolution agaist their warlords and the warlords have had to capiulate and let them have the right to watch the world cup.


Football is by far the most important thing in the world right now.


Only the USA doesnt understand that.


YET it IS the USA that are the world heroes tonight because they have earned everyones respect.


If that makes things a little easier for the troops in Baghdad tomorrow because the USA has earned the respect of the rest of the world (EVEN though many of you will not understand the enormity of what has happened) then thats good.


"Give the world a football and a beach and there will be no more war"

Pele, the greatest player the world has ever seen said that.


And in this world, the USA are the biggest underdog. And they played with amazing courage. And earned the USA massive respect.


underestimate that and put it down to drunkeness (havent touched a drop)

and you will never be part of the rest of the world.


You do realise Iran and Saudi Arabia and Tunisia and Croatia and Serbia and Angola and costa rica and Parguay and Ivory Coast and Ghana .....and EVEN Australia are in it do you?


This isnt about sport. Its about international camarederie and peace.

And the USA have earned their place in legend tonight.

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I want to thank Madame TR for posting a translation cos I had no clue at all to what the hell tos was rambling on about.

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Eric youd have been proud.

Remember the whole of the rest of the world watched the game LIVE on tv tonight. 3 BILLION people. Such a shame that US tv didnt deem it worthy.


Tonight everyone in the world(except for the mighty Italians) take their hats off to the United States.



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I was in the projetion booth all day. Saturday is a big night for the movie business. I don't get to watch TV at work.


I don't watch much sports on TV. In fact I don't watch much TV at all. But I usually try to keep one eye on the World Cup matches if I can.


I'm glad the match turned out so well. I think it will show the world that people can have faith and still play the game even when they don't think they can win it.


I think a lot of folks around the world think that most of the USA has the attitude that, if they don't think it's winnable they won't play the game. The Italian team is to soccer what the New York Yankees are to baseball.


As far as I'm concerned, the US won just by walking out onto the field. And I don't mean score-wise, either. I think a win in the court of public opinion is 1,000 times more valuable than any scoreboard could ever tabulate.


Thanks for the "Props", TOS.


If I can ever get a plane ticket to fly across the pond, remind me to buy you a beer!

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You forgot to mention the horrible red cards the ref gave our team. The Italian guy bloodies one of our guys faces and he gets sent of, but we just do normal tackles and get sent off twice.


BTW that ref was suspended for WC 2002 for bad officating. He should have been suspended for this one as well!


Still we should have won that match but still a valiant effort and we are still in it, barely.

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Thats just it deedok and Worker.


Tonight had the spirit of the Alamo about it. AGAINST ALL ODDS THE USA WERE THE BETTER TEAM.


errrr...sorry to all out Italian members...BUT I did give you Nathalia Caldonazzo !!!!



AND ...did anyone see all the gorgeous italian girls in 70 degrees and STILL in minks and a few fox jackets/collars...a partuclarly thick fox trimmed denim on a young blonde, and a raven haired beauty in full mink plus a few others!!!!! Their team might have got a moral drubbing BUT they did have some great looking fur chicks in this heat!!!

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I think the USA v. Italy game did appear live on TV here, at least in some locations. The local ABC affiliate in Charlotte, NC was ran both the Ghana/Czech game and Us/Italy. but they were on during the afternoon, local time.


Unfortunately I was at work, and couldn't spend much time watching either.

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Firstly, welcome EW19975


Secondly, sorry you missed it... but if they show a replay... grab the beer, a pack or two of crisps or nuts... and sit back and see why 90 mins resulting in a draw can be so much....... fun WEG

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LOL, are you kidding me?


I saw an interview with one the american players before the match. He said, "We'll go out there and do all we can. Tackle, go for legs, and just be hard. Win at all costs" or something of that kind.


Then 2 american players gets sent off for foul pointless tackling. And they were pretty verbose in their play in general too. Quite a few free kicks for Italy, and shirt-dragging etc. (NOTE: De Rossis elbow in McBrides face was awfully foul play too, yes, ofcourse.)


Totti's yellow card was a referee mistake.

Eddie Pope's yellow card was correct.

De Rossi's red card was correct.

Maestroni's red card was correct. (Foul tackle of Pirlo, spikes first)

Eddie Pope's red card was correct. (Two yellow). That foul tackle of Gilardino was so pointless.


Deedok, if you truly feel that your two players getting sent off was not right, you should really review the tackling-rules of football.


The match was not too exciting in general, and there was far too much bulls**t to become an enjoyable footbal-feast. Italy scored a self goal. Would be 1-0 if they didn't. Gattusi scored at 20 meters, but Toni got blown of for an offside. Toni was not in offside, if you review the replay. In other words, a 1-1 game, should have ended 2-1 to Italy. USA played ok, but Italy were better by a horses head.


In general, far far from the best footiematch I've seen. And the send-offs made it tumble towards the bottom. 3 red cards makes a match almost silly in a play-perspective way. Not too mention the ethics.


Boring game. I fail to see how this excites you, ToS. OK, USA played with 9 players, Italy with 10. Woohooo, like they had a choice after the send-offs.


Hope both teams get it together for their next matches on the 22nd.



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What Touch is trying tell us is that our team performed admirably and I have just checked the headlines here and there is not a word. I am certain our news media will catch us up to speed soon.


TOS. Thank for sharing something wonderful. We Americans do not get a chance to do that much lately.


(Your delivery style is as controversial as ever. You are such a character!)




As a side note:


Thelma, you are correct it is off-topic. You probably don't know TOS. He just gets "carried away" sometimes. Give him a little understanding on this one. Sometimes our members just get so excited about something that their posts can be worded not a diplomatically as they could be.


This soccer conversation on the World Cup has been going on in the Off topic forum for awhile in its proper forum. This news was so important to us, from TOS's view point he wanted us all to know.


It is kind of like be patient with a friend who has just burst into your place with good news and a bit too much to drink. Their energy, passion and excitement can catch you off-guard.


Having posts in the "Correct" forum is meant to make the Den work better. Our rules and procedures to not need to be so "tight" that one thread is going to threaten that.


So, although it was tempting for a few of the MODs, Touch you are still a member!



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Because Earendil the match was a David and Goliath and the Americans played some beautiful football in attack too. According to the new FIFA rules on offside the USA second goal should have stood.


ONLY the Italian should have been sent off in my opinion.


Casey Keller made the two best saves I have ever seen in my life in the last few minutes, and that was only because they decided to defend with just 10 mins to go.


Sometimes its not about technique its about passion. And drama. And the fact that the Americans need to know that in this theatre they are minnows....and that they came out heroes in the public imagination. They played with passion. As did Italy too lets not forget that. Both teams wanted to win.....and Italy with their huge football reputation were massively odds on.....nobody gave the States the script though.

Their courage in the face of absurd adversity with only nine men was incredible. Not once did their resolve wain.


The first ten minutes the USA were all over Italy....that wasnt a cynical defensive play was it?


AND thanks Linda.....and welcome USA to the rest of the world!!!!!

Yes its MUCH more than a sport to the rest of us.


Oh and yes of course you can move it to off topic now. But it clocked 200 plus views in a few hours....it was particularly important that all the americans in particular recognise quickly their countrymens courage.


Sometimes as you say linda we need to shout good news even if it is off topic!!! Hopefully too you will all realise how important this is.


Thanks folks for allowing it to stand for last night.

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Because Earendil the match was a David and Goliath


And the likes of Netherlands vs Ivory Coast was not?


They played their hearts out. In the way football should be played I see no 2-page post about them.


You know I love ya ToS, but I don't get the concept of this opinion

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