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I have a general question for everyone here, as I have an opportunity to make up some t-shirt designs for a friend's new budding company out in Colorado Springs. Here is the thing: if you could design a line of shirts aimed at the furlovers of the world, what would you want to see? I have many ideas, but want input from anyone here that wishes to contribute, as I want these shirts to be for us, made by us so to speak, shirts we would proudly wear out in public as well. I have ideas for line drawings of women in furs and slogans that are pro-fur as well.


This is a cool opportunity for all of us to have in our hands something we imagine, not just think, "wow that would be cool if..." cause now I can do the "if" part.


I recall an old thread from melody a long while back asking if anyone knew where to find t-shirts related to fur; there weren't too many options found, I believe. I want to fill a bit of that void, make some cool art and some good statements. I am better at "stirring things up" with the talent, rather than more conventional ways. I have an image in mind that I've been holding onto for a minute that is political in nature, but touches on many issues at once that I am going to shoot and pitch for a shirt... fingers crossed that it turns out like I imagine it.


I hope this is in the right area, as I wasnt' sure where to post it initally, but then figured it would bring up general discussion on fur love, slogans, favorite images, etc, etc. Move it to the proper place though, if it needs it.

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"I'd Rather Go Naked IN Fur !"


would be a good start!


Great idea Miss T.

How about some with some Cree/Metis Symbols on? Maybe get in touch with the Cree fur trappers Association through your Lakota friend?


Then "F*** Peta; wear Fur" has to be done...with a similar symbol to theirs.

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"Do you want to bury your face in my sheared beaver?"


"Warning:Bad Girl in Fur"


"Don't fake it: Wear the real thing"



"Protect the Wilderness: Wear Real Fur"


"Smile if you've had sex in mink"



"Beaver patrol" (with a pic of lady in fur)


"No Hunting No Fur No Fishing No Smoking No Freedom No Fun No F***ing way am I putting up with it any more"

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Good deal touch and moneypenny! Like those, particularly the political ones! I'll be working on designing some of these later this week and will show previews asap. Keep 'em comin' if you've got 'em!

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There's already a "Got Milk" in fur picture out there. I have a copy.


Maybe Miss T could pose for a new one?




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"Why should they have all the fun?"




"I like it Furred"


Hm just thought... with the first one... could even have a bloke in the fur... fox of course *grin*

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T-Shirt seen underneath a long fur coat with the front worn half-open to the waist: "Fur Real!"


Skimpy thong undies worn by sexy blonde, lying topless in a fur pile. Emblazoned on the front: "Fur Your Eyes Only!"


T-Shirt worn by real fur Teddy Bear: "Fur-Ever Yours!"


Another one: "Fur Shure!" (Make up your own scenario on that one. I'm sure you can!)



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Yes thats got hot seller all over it!!! Anybody out ther doing sheared beaver g strings to go with it? Then youve got a double sell package!!!

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I'll be working on them over the next few weeks, the images that is. Some will be line drawings, some will be text, and I am going to see about taking some photos and having them transferred as well, but not sure if my friend's biz is ready to do those kinds of shirts yet... if not, I will look into trying to have some made up.


I think the sheared beaver g-strings are definitely in order. I am going to my furrier tomorrow to pick up some items being cleaned, and will ask if they would be interested in making some small items up like that and we could try to sell them. The owner is most friendly and helpful, so I think it may go well. I'll keep ya posted. If not, my sisters can sew... just a matter of getting the right equipment when we have money for a fur sewing machine; otherwise she might be able to sew them up by hand? Great idea to sell a regular pair of panties printed with slogans and offer a fur panty as well, as an extra option.... .


Thanks again for all the input all!

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a few other ideas to put othe the T-shirts:


"my other dress is a mink"


"mink inside"



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"Eh...PETAphile...Encoulez!!! Uhhhh?


Les Fourrures ...C'est Liberte."


Something along those lines Jerome with a Metis symbol.


You speak french better than me but I always liked the Idea of a fur clad Liberty leading the people coming over the barricades with her breast hanging out on a t shirt( maybe leading a redcoat(hunting) and a guy with a pipe(smoking) and a dominatrix(sexual liberty)....what do you think?

frenh is such a beautiful and expressive language and I think you can express this idea well.


I also love your current suggestions!!!!


RIP Jaques Louis David

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so let's try in French...


"Mon Vison c'est ma liberte"


"Chaque femme a le droit a la fourrure"


"Castor d'abord"


"Je m'aime en fourrure"


"Femme Vison, femme Passion"


"Citoyennes, portez vos fourrures!"


"Je suis une femme Vison"


"Je suis pour le droit universel a la fourrure"


"Vison ou Castor? Les deux, tout de suite!"


"Je prends mon pied dans mon Vison"


"En fourrure je me sens femme"


"Vous avez dit Vison?"


"Je possede 15 manteaux de fourrures et ce T-shirt"




Some of them translate well in English (with some free translation):


"My freedom is my fur"


"A fur for every woman !"


"I love myself in fur"


"I am a Mink woman"


"Mink or Beaver? Both, immediately!"


"I come in fur"


"I feel female in fur"


"Did you say mink?"


"I have 15 fur coats and this T-shirt"


Or a few others:


"My kingdom for a fur coat"


"In fur or not in fur, that's the question"


"Sex is better in fur"


"God save my fur"


"Winter time, furry time!"


"God created me naked as to allow me to enjoy furs!"


"I felt born again, the day I wore my first fur coat"


"I Don't need heaven, I have a Mink!"


"Fur makes better lovers"


"Drop your Viagra, buy me a Mink!"






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Brilliant Jerome. Brilliant.


Take note Miss T....and somehow the French versions sound more....erotic....C'est vraiment pour d'amour, Le francais.


I especially like :

vison ou castor...Les deux toutes suite!




je possede 15 manyeaux de fourrures et ce t shirt


and citoyennes portez vos fourrures!


And drop your viagra and buy me a mink is excellent too!!


hell they are all great!!!

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just a few more....


"J'ai le Vison dans la peau"


"Try me in my Mink"


"I am softer than my Chinchilla coat"


"Wrap me in Sheared Beaver"


"Je suis plus douce que mon Vison"


"I am softer than Chinchilla, more mysterious than Phantom Beaver, more exciting than Mink, hotter than Fox. Try me."


"You should have seen me last night, all wrapped in fur!"


"La vie est triste sans fourrure"


"Forget this T-shirt, think Mink!"


"Imagine me in Mink!"


"This is all I wear under my Sheared Beaver"


"J'aime faire l'amour en Vison"


"If you love me, change this T-shirt into a fur coat"






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Okay, i am trying to be serious to put a point across.


Amusing as most of the suggestions are, wouldn't something a little more subtle be appropriate. To get people on side doesn't one need to make the public feel that fur is acceptable without having it 'in their face'. The problem Peta have is their total lack of subtlety. Holding up dead foxes is just passe to people; they are fed up with being told to agree with the anti-fur brigade. Peta are not people friendly; they are just on a mission and i don't think even they know what it is.


Remember that most people aren't passionate about fur. They probably don't crave to stroke it, look at pictures of it or make love on it. Perhaps they would like to wear it; after all it does make really nice clothing; the lady wears her fur to the ball and feels good. But, she and many others need fur to be portrayed as the beautiful product that it is and not sold as tacky or sexual. I am sure seeing tee shirts with "I come in fur' or 'sex is better in fur' is going to more bad than good.


I await the flack (I'm already wearing my tin hat)

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What was it neville Chamberlain said about peace in our time?


Make no mistake about it...PETA are a fascist organisayion and the ALF are the brownshirts.


Somehow I think our propaganda has to be just as aggressive. i know what you mean allfurme, fur had at one time a lovely, soft, beautiful, elegant image. That has been undermined totally.

So what image has fur now?

Rebellion. Agression. Maquis. Liberty. Ethnicity.L'Etranger. Provocative.

Needs appropriate message to be shouted with it.

Just look at the pic of Isabeli Fonatan I just posted. Its overtly sexual without being crude...its the attitude thats sexy.


Its women like her that have reinvented fur and now it means something else. Same as Dita von Teese have repopularised it with burlesque. Its not got a fluffy message anymore fur.


Foxhunting in the UK the same. Guess what our bestselling item was last year?

"Bollocks to Blair" badges. We sold 600 in a few weeks....as often to fur wearing grannies as rebellious kids!!!!


Pinks stance on fur and her plastic attitude and conformist clothes are laughable next to the likes of Dita von teese and Miss Theresa and Lordi or Isabeli . We need to capture that spirit in t shirts.




Time to fight back......

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Ouch! Goodness those metaphorical rocks don't half hurt.


I am expecting more so i had better pad out my tin hat.


(PS it was only a suggestion)

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No I see your point. I guess there is a market for both.

We need kick ass t shirts...and something maybe more subtle......thats why I like the French idea.

After all I cant see Linda wearing a do you want to sniff my sheared beaver on a t shirt..she needs something more classy, with a subtle message its true. Such as :

"Meisseures et madames. Attention.....Venus en fourures"


or something.

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I like "Fur Real." on a T-Shirt, worn under a fur coat buecause it's subtle and can be read in different ways.


"Yes, it's real fur". (this FUR is REAL.)


"I am a real (genuine) person, not one of those hippocrites who says one thing and does another."


"Hey, you silly PETA people, GET REAL."

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