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Any science-fiction fans?


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I'm a real scifi-geek myself, and it would be cool to hear if there are anyone else out there?


Currently hooked on Stargate SG-1/Atlantis, Battlestar Galactica, Surface and LOST (LOST will become scifi when they find aliens on the island!(??)

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Look at some of my story titles.


You won't have to struggle hard to figure out the infleunces.


Open for comment!



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I would list my favourites as


Doctor Who, Farscape, The Twilight Zone (original series), The Outer Limits, Sapphire and Steel, Blakes Seven.


The original Star Trek was rubbish!


Mr Spock: Captain, i believe there is intelligent life on this planet


Captain Kirk: How do you know that Mr Spock?


Mr Spock: Because all the rocks are made of polystyrene!

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Cruel... CREEEEWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeellllllllll[.


DOctor Who.... (And thank you ABC (Aust) for running the entire up to 1986 episodes daily and then twice a day over Christmas /New Year. The last Doctor was as quirky as the second doctor ,,, and yes I should know names... but pld age etc...)


Blake seven.... Now there was a series to enjoy.


Also catch Stargate/Atlantis when FTA TV permits we aussies the privilege.


Hmm LOTR and Narnia Count?? *grin*

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Ultimate Sci-Fi show - The X-Files!!!! despite the lame last few episodes gotta be one of the best shows of it's genre ever?

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Yes, i'll go with that; the X-files, very good.


However i felt it was like a lot of television series, they milked it to death. I wish they had given up while they were ahead instead of flogging a dead horse.


Now i think back, it is hard not to say 'oh yes the X-files, it was okay'. When in reality i should be saying 'Yes it was an amazing programme that slowly got more and more boring'.


To be honest I had forgotten about it as well; so it just shows how progressively bad it got.

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Yes very true, I still remember watching the first episode & being totally blown away by it, maybe only really questioned how bad it had become by about end of series 7 - Makes me a bit of an addict I think


BLAKE'S SEVEN!!!!! - Poor man's Startrek But I let you off cause of the obvious Fur attraction with Servilen & her huge White Fox capes

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Thanks for that, not for saying Star Trek is better than Blakes Seven 'cause it ain't!!!


No rather for reminding me about Servalan's Furs


Has anybody got any decent pictures of her wearing them?


I am going to post this in the Fur Den

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MMmm loved the decor in Barbarellas ship,Also a Sci-Fi head ,loving the new Battlestar Galactica series and keeping an eye on Lost just in case. .

Has anyone heard of a series called Serenity?there was a movie last year by the same name which was really good,i was wondering if the series was up to scratch?

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Ultimate Sci-Fi show - The X-Files!!!! despite the lame last few episodes gotta be one of the best shows of it's genre ever?


I'll vouch for that. The only time I started not watching it, was when they took Mulder out and put that other guy in. It was like Sonny & Cher without Sonny, or Bonnie and Clyde without Clyde, or Donny and Marie without Donny. Anyways, you get my point.

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Not really a sci-fi geek but have always been a big fan of Doctor Who. Absolutely love the new series. Funnier and scarier than the X-Files every was and I thought that show was brilliant. "are you my mummy?" episode made me turd my trousers. Also a huge fan of "The Prisioner" and "The Avengers".



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Must admit, am a bit of a sci-fi fan myself - love Firefly, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Enterprise - the list goes on.


Am also a bit of an anime nut too. Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Gasaraki, Howl's Moving Castle, Dai-Guard, Zoids - if I list all of them, i'll be here all day!!


Anyone else here into or like anime at all?



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Sci fi has been a passion for me since my earliest memories.


Buck Rogers comic books and serials at the movies was my start in life.


Barbarella was the ratcheting up of my fantasies of Sci Fi to Sci Fur. I started having dreams of furry space episodes.


As a result my stories use quite liberally ideas from Kurt Vonnegut, Ursula K. Le Guin and other more ethereal and fantasy writers. It all blends into Fantasy stories like Red Sonya, Conan, Clan of the Cave Bear and into Greek mythology.


There is a whole world of imagination out there to be captured and written about or movies to be made with furs as the main fantasy.



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Had to chime in. By the way: Chubby, I love your avatar pic!


I practically grew up on Star Trek; my family loved the reruns and one of my aunts is a personal friend of Majel Barrett, the widow of Gene Roddenberry, who created the show.


Not really being a fan of the bastardized Star Treks of the 2000s (anyone ever watch Voyager on UPN?), I sort of lost faith in modern science fiction television until a little show called Battlestar Galactica found its way onto cable last year. Wow...my friends, it's simply reinventing the genre and doing it with a social consciousness not seen since Gene's time. It's loosely based on the original 1979 TV show of the same name, but with a much sharper sense of how to present the original concept that there are only 50,000 human beings left alive on a fleet of ships searching for this mythical planet "Earth". The brilliant twist of the new show is that the "big enemy", previously a 'race' of robotic chrome walking toasters called Cylons, is now written into the story as having been created by mankind in the not-too-distant past. Before I jump into how the casting is incredible (Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell lead, with, ahem, Victoria's Secret model Tricia Helfer playing a post-apocalypic hallucination), just go watch the show. One of my friends who "doesn't really go for this sort of the thing" saw it the other night and told me she's hooked now and is trying to find the DVDs of seasons 1 and 2. If you want to read reviews of the show by a source I trust: http://www.st.hypertext.com. This guy knows what he's talking about. Then again, I'm biased.


I admit, I'm a geek. Want to see my glasses? Google a picture of Daniel Libeskind, they look just like his. I get pegged as either an architect or a sci-fi writer on the subway all the time...sigh...





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Probably my ALL-TIME favorite Sci-Fi movie as well as one of my top five favorite movies, in general...


Metropolis (1927) - Directed by Fritz Lang


I had the pleasure of presenting (the restored in 2002 version of) this movie to a live audience. Although, I had seen it on video, years ago, it was the first time I had seen it on film, presented on the Big Screen.


If you have never seen this movie before, I recommend this as "Required Reading". If you have seen it before but not since the restoration, I recommend you watch it again. (It's available on video.)


The original movie was printed on cellulose nitrate film. (Highly inflammable.)

When it was imported to the U.S.A. in the late 1920's it was cut from its original version to about half of its length. In order to restore it, they had to search for the original nitrate elements, digitally restore them then piece the film back together. There are still some parts of the movie that are considered lost forever but the restoration claims to have about 90% of the film back into its original condition.


Like I said, this is required reading for anybody who considers themselves a Science Fiction fan. After all, it IS the movie that kick-started the genre!


Picture of the ROBOT



Picture of the Paternoster Machine

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I am a big fan of the Borg in Satr trek: they are a metaphor for bureaucrtic drone mentality.

For example in the pub the other day I was asked where we were sitting when we ordered food. He said that we couldnt sit there because that was the smoking section. I said yes but we are smokers. He said they have a smoking and an eating section and it had to stay like that.

What a bunch of crap. I said that I could see why smokers shouldnt be in the eating section but it didnt matter if diners were in the smoking section. He actually replied that it may upset people. I looked over at the COMPLETELY EMPTY PUB and shook my head in disbelief.

See what had happened is he was plugged into the Borg hive, which prevented him from being able to think for himself. I asked him to go speak to the Borg Queen and sort it out. He said that all orders were recieved from Middlesex. "RESISTANCE IS FUTILE" I retorted.


Anyway I digress. As far as sci fi goes I think it is good when it is trying to say something, and crap* if its not.


or example, star wars isnt sci fi, its a very third rate western set in space.

Dr.Who and Satr Trek address fundamental human truths and in this way they are very good. the satrship enterprise in the original series threw together characters with competely different character traits that were

based on parts of the human mind/spirit. Spock logic, Kirk emotion, McCoy cynicism/sarcasm, Chekov youth, Sulu eastern mysticism, Uhura(freedom in swahili)tolerance and understanding (comms) etc. The bridge was a metaphor for the human mind as it deals with issues, and solutions came from balance between all.


Yes that "ARE YOU MY MUMMY?" was the scariest thing I have ever seen on tv.


My favourite sci fi movies ither than the obvious are "the Omega man" and "Soylent Green" because they question the way in which mankind is moving, showing what is really the great threat to the planet. They are right wing eco films, which are rare because they are considered elitist.


The cybermen are back soon.


I dont know if you would class this as sci fi but it is set in the future. It raised the massive differences between American and British culture and

again ways of dealing with problems from different perspectives. The effects were spectacular, the story so absurd that the way in which it was handled was a credit to it, and the characters great performances. It is called "Reign Of Fire". The scene where the skydivers from the helicopters

are being pursued by the dragons was breathtaking. The movie is about social decay , leadership in such circumstances etc.



Best fur in a sci fi movie: Iman with the cigar in one of the Star trek movies.


anyway those are my immediate thoughts on sci fi.


*MODS: crap means a pile of rubbish in the UK not a pile of s**t. It from the celtic "crep" which means things thrown together in a pile, hence the french crepe from crespe which means curled up together. It has been used a lot longer than the US version which is from Thomas Crapper I believe.

Coclusion: Brits can say crap and Americans are barred from doing so.


PPS remember now about british sense of humour.....

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One man's Pile of manure is another man's pile of rubbish is another man's idea of heaven. (Add whichever British 'newspaper' you wish to that last one *grin*)

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My favourite sci fi movies ither than the obvious are "the Omega man" and "Soylent Green" because they question the way in which mankind is moving, showing what is really the great threat to the planet.


I'll see your Omega Man and your Soylent Green (Chuck Heston rules!) and raise you a Logan's Run.


It certainly makes a commentary on where society might be headed in the future.


Logan & Jessica in fur


It's also got a good fur scene: Logan 5 and Jessica 6 are in the Ice Cavern when "Box", the robot, makes a nude sculputre of them. (Then he tries to freeze them! )


Throw in a dose of the "Love Shop" and top it off with a little Farrah Fawcett! (What a babe she was back then!)


There's no fur in this one but Doctor Strangelove is another good movie that makes commentary on the direction society is headed. (I have also had the pleasure of presenting this one to an audience on the Big Screen.)

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I've just remembered a pretty good sci-fi series; SLIDERS, or think that is what it was called. It was about a group of people who entered different parallel universes.


There was also a British TV drama called SURVIVORS about a post apocalyptic Engand. Although they don't actual tell you, it seems it is about the population of the earth being decimated by a laboratory created virus.


Another brilliant programme was THREADS about the lead up and effects on an ordinary family of a nuclear war; it sent a shiver up my spine.

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I have just had the mosfortune to watch War of The Worlds.

Cant you Americans do something about Spielberg? He's far more damaging to the reputation of your fine country than George Bush.

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