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Deep freeze


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You are likely to see a little fur in La Bohéme.


I don't feel bad about giving a spoiler because the plot of the opera is well known...


Near the end, Mimi is lying sick in bed. She complains about feeling cold. Her friend Musette sells her pearl earrings to buy Mimi a fur muff to keep her hands warm. Mimi's last moments are spent lying in bed stroking the fur.


Tomorrow, the Met Opera is broadcasting Simon Boccanegra with Placido Domingo.

There are a couple of scenes where Placido Domingo wears a fur trimmed cape.



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I'm heading back to the opera this weekend myself. With the high forecasted to be under 30 F, I am sure I will see my share of furs there. In my experience you tend to see a broad variety of furs at the opera. Mink, naturally, is the most prominent (but even with mink you see many variations like ranch, lunaraine, mahogany, white, whiskey, etc.) ... But I've also seen chinchilla, American raccoon, Finn raccoon, fox, and several other furs. I'm still debating but I think I'll wear my silver fox coat this weekend. Last time at the opera I wore my ranch mink coat, so it's probably time for something a bit more daring.


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