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Victoria Beckham - Real or Fake - Statement?


Victoria Beckham - Real or Fake?  

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  1. 1. Victoria Beckham - Real or Fake?

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Since this thread seems set to keep cropping up, I'll take it a bit further, too -- I also read Samurman's comment about misleading topic ("Victoria Beckham -- Real or Fake...") and I certainly vote that she's fake, too. Her furs, of course, are real enough.


I see she'd like more children: hasn't she heard about the burgeoning world population? With her score at three already, I believe she's done her work (and then some) -- 6.5m and growing by the minute should give her a hint; but then I expect she wouldn't recognize her own selfishness and arrogance. (Dear, dear: am I being judgemental? Naughty me!)


Why does she always look so ?

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Actually, MM, I understand that Victoria and her husband are very doting parents who treasure their kids. I would also add that since most of us in this country are not doing our part to perpetuate our culture, with even fewer who actually treasure and nurture their children, I'm happy that someone with the resources and desire, like the Beckhams, is willing to do more than their part. It is important to understand that it will take at least two or more children per family for our culture to survive. Currently in the US, the rate is just a little over one and a half. Compare that rate to the Muslims in the US, who are reproducing at the rate of about eight per family. Already, McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken (Believe it or not!) are Shari'a compliant in some markets in the US. How long before our culture is overshadowed and eventually obliterated? This is probably a discussion better suited for the "Pub" forum, and I'd like to see the thread get back to the original discussion of whether the fur is fake or not, but I felt compelled to offer a little rebuttal to the side bar.

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That's fine, FrBrGr -- taken totally in the spirit in which you meant it -- I fully understand what you're getting at and I probably was out of line!


I guess I simply cannot abide her for her "sour attitude", which is probably not at all intended...but there we are.

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Oh, MM, I think it's just her "Posh Spice" shtick. Like Lady Gaga - what you see is not necessarily the person underneath. Her outlandish costumes and makeup are Lady G's "shtick." A very talented young woman who may never have had the chance to rise to any semblance of stardom if it hadn't have been for her "shtick." I think Victoria is still holding on to her "Spice Girls" image, even though the group broke up long ago. We see her only through the lens of a camera. Who knows? Maybe she is a very warm, down-to-earth and gracious person in her personal life. I'm betting she is. This is a girl that came from wealth, but was really embarrassed by it. It has been written about her that when she was in school, she begged to have her family drop her off a couple of blocks from her school so her classmates wouldn't see her get out of her dad's Rolls Royce. She was a bullying victim in school, without any friends, and because of that, she vowed to become rich and famous on her own. No one can argue with her success, as a singer-songwriter, actress, model, dancer and oh - by-the-way, a successful fashion designer and businesswoman. At least a portion of her success stems from her image, and she milks it for every million she puts into the bank. (Like the saying goes, she probably "laughs all the way to the bank!") If I was making that kind of money from looking sour, I could be persuaded to suck on lemons!


I probably was out of line!


Not at all, MM! You expressed your opinion - What's wrong with that . . . ?

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