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WOW!! You HAVE to see this!!


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...thought that would get your attention.


Guys, we need $800 now and if you care about this site I would like you to read the following:


Must admit I have had a glass of wine (maybe 2!!) ..and, my reason for posting this is White Fox is so worried about how to pay the bills here and he is too nice to be blunt. I am not. Guess it is the Accountant in me.


To each of our members, I ask you to reflect on what the site means to you and how your role here can add to making more of the fur world we all love so much.


...are there some members who just want to look at our topics and pictures and "beat-off?" Yes ...from what I am told. I know there are members like you. Can't really comment but to say that we hope that we can help you evolve as a person. The first step is to just post.


...are there those that cannot afford to donate money now? Yes. (like me. ) To those, please know someday you will have your chance. For now, the burden will be carried by those who can. Thank you for contributing with your posts and links. That is part of the Den as well! Thank you! Please don't feel bad. We understand!!!


...are there members here, like our former and current owners, mods, admins, etc that have given more time than most work out of our love of this site? Yes. To be asked to cover the cost in addition is insulting.


...are there others who value the site and want to be a part of it, but do not want all the hassle of "ownership?" Yes. You are the ones I am asking for help.


Guys, we have a site here that costs about $600 a year to run at its current service level. We are short $200 from last year and need $600 for this year. We need $800 to be on track. NOW!!!


Everyone wants the site to be free. Well, isn't that nice? It isn't free!! All the owners and mods work all these hours and the membership gets its nose bent out of shape if someone even mentions the fact there is a cost? That is the belief ...I don't believe that is true. This memo will be the test.


OK, look at the names on the mods list, look at the names of those who have contributed on our sponsorship page.


Guys, we need money to stay on the air. Please, your $25 donation can make a difference. If you can afford more, it will be so appreciated!! We need $800 now.


This message has not been approved or reviewed by management. I am solely responsible for its content.


Thank you,



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Good for you for being blunt...


I don't have much at the moment.. but a donation is the least I can do..

I have PM'd White Fox to find out how to pay?




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For those who haven't already found it, there is a Sponsorship link in the page header of every page of these forums. That link will take you to the area of our wiki that lists those who have donated since this site went online two years ago and informs you about our donation process via PayPal.

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Just sent a donation. Ok, it's only a small one but I will send another lot at the end of this coming week, as I got a few other bits to pay out for.


Hope that's ok..



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That is great! It really does help us out here. Every little bit gets us closer to that mark that we must achieve to keep the Den on the air so to speak.


A huge THANK YOU again, to both You and Brandy. It is only through folks like you, and others who have given here that we can keep the Den working.


We really appreciate it!


White Fox

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I don't have the accounting done, but I can say that we received 7 donations in the last 48 hours.


I will post where we are in relation to our goal when I have the details sorted out.

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We have now received 10 donations in the last 48 hours


We have achieved about 93% of our goal, but we still need about $200 in additional donations to have an adequate reserve for unforeseen contingencies.


Many thanks to those who donated this weekend. At this time, that list includes:











The complete list of sponsors is available via the "Sponsorship" link in the page header of these forums.


I am behind on contacting sponsors about the perks they have earned with larger donations, so please be patient for a few days. I will get it done.

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I just came home to this fantastic news.


Follks, we are not there yet. However, it is such a surprise coming home to realize the changes over the last few hours here. A short while back we were wondering how we would be able to keep our site going. It honestly looked like it was going to die. Now, with just a bit more help it looks like we will be ok.


I want to thank everyone here so much! It is help like this that makes all of our work seem so worthwhile! THANK YOU so much Everyone!


Your generosity means so much to us!


White Fox.


Added later... Brandy, you are exactly right!

Now this is 'REAL' family pulling together..

I do feel like this is home, and that each of you are members of our family. Such a great and tremendous place to come home to.

And now, we are well on our way to having our home secure again. Yes, we need more donations. But we are so much closer!

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See, ...I knew if the members knew we needed the money there would be those who would help.


Thank you so much all. Please we do need the whole amount. SO another $200 is needed.


Thank you again!



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I'm sorry but I will not be able to give any money for a while since I am well basically homeless until I find an apartment in Columbus. I will send a few bucks if I get a chance, ok .

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Dee, we realize that not everyone can give. And some can give more. That is why we do not charge for this site and will do our very best to never do that. We want absolutely everyone who wants to be here to be able to be. We want this to be a home for everyone.


No problem if someone cannot give now. We understand these things. There will be other times that you can help. There will be others who can cover for you now. That is the great thing about our site here. We just ask everyone who can to think of us now and then.


No staff members or owner will ever make money from this site! What you give goes strictly to buy web space, etc.

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We're ok for this year, but I have said it before. This site needs ads to keep going and not reaching its end each year. Google adsense is a good program that will pay off with the revenue this site offers. Also has simple tools to help keep track of the ads shown on the site. Or maybe a simple banner ad option for fur businesses like MAILON.

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You have a point, but we prefer to be a bit classier and keep the site free of advertising except in the No Spam Zone forum.



We have received another 2 donations since my last report. Our newest sponsors are:



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Hi guys,and gals,


White,will be making a donation at the end of the week..Would do sooner,but been in,and out of the hospital for major shoulder surgery.It's been a rough last couple of months for me,but getting better.Anyway just wanted to let you all know,i will donate to help keep this great site running.



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Indeed, Scott we will all be thinking of you. We often hear of someone having the flu or some such thing. However, it is way different to hear of something like you are going through.


Hope you are back on the go soon.


***NY, and LA, a big Thank You as well! Trying to remember here. I think this your second donation if I am not wrong LA?



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Hi guys,and gals,


{I have} been in,and out of the hospital for major shoulder surgery.It's been a rough last couple of months for me,but getting better.




I think I remember you talking about this before. Was this a Line-of-Duty injury?


I hope things get better for you!

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