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Don't give up Frugal.


Composting is a great way to turn garbage back to nature. Only thing one needs to watch is rats if it is in your back yard. I always remember a TV program that I watched. A company had designed a rat proof composter. Now perfected they asked a tv reporter to go see it and interview them about it. Showing how it kept the rats out, etc. They opened it up. And promptly saw a rat come at them.


We need remember that rats are a part of nature. And they love to eat and live in places like that. But cities tend to not like them for some reason.


Earthworms, and composting and all such are great ways to help with pollution. And, as I said, to a goodly degree Organic can be good too. Earthworms are fantastic little creatures. We just need to remember that composting again is simply rotting garbage, with all the bacteria etc that goes along with that. So remember to wash well after handling it, etc. Especially until the decomposition is complete.

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