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So, Who Would Like To See A Fetish Forum?


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I seldom place an add on this forum but in this case I would strongly support an new furfetish forum I think i can contribute with some xxx-rated fur-pictures (some real some photoshopped)


greetings Francis

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Welcome foxxx00! Since you're new here, you may not realize that we have a gallery where you are most welcome to post your photos. Many of our new members do not realize that they have to wait until the end of the month that the joined before they get access to the gallery. Then, their user names and IDs are 'synched-up'. This is done simply for our site's security purposes. Hang in there for a couple of weeks, there are over - what - 10,000???? photos in the gallery now.



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A couple of old members that we do not hear from often...

We certainly hope to hear more from you around here. It is always so great to hear new messages and perspectives from other folks. That is what really adds new dimensions to this place!


Soft Touch - you are indeed correct on your history and message type. The problem was that as the internet progressed, it became more and more difficult for sites like the original Den. Thus the site gradually changed. Thus we finally got round to considering how to possibly get round that on another site.


If you are interested you can find a bit of info on that here on what you just spoke of...



Indeed I notice a message there by a "BlueFoxxx9". Could that be you Foxxx00 ?



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I am not the same person as mentioned in the message above.

But now I am curious what that message was.


greetings, foxxx[/b]

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