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I'm not sure if there was ever a music topic in Melody, but I thought it would be nice to see what kind of bands/artists you like. Anyway, I'll start by mentioning a few bands I like :


Radiohead, The Flaming Lips, Blur, Air, Boards of Canada, The Beta Band, Beck, Interpol, Gorillaz, Kings of Leon, Lemon Jelly, Love, Nirvana, Royksopp.. to name a few.


Well, just post what type of music or the artists you like here I guess

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Oh MYYYYYYYYYYY GAAAAAAAAWD where does one begin?


Well, obviously.. with the earliest so that has to be Alvin and The Chipmonks and "On top of spaghetti"


Fortunately my taste improved. Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Sibelius, Mozart, Rossini, Glinka, Dvorak, the Strauss', Wagner, etc, etc, etc.


Arsists range from Ol' Blue Eyes via Dean Martin To ELO, Queen, Elvis, Simon and Garfunkel, John Farnham, Little River Band.... the list just goes on and on and whatever you do don't tie me down to one composer/artist, cause as the moon waxes and wans so do my tastes. All depends on me and my day, or the time... or what is closest at hand.


How to show one's age without really trying *sigh*

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I love metal in all forms, and these days melodic death-metal is on top of my list. The bands I like in that genre is for example Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Norther, Dark Tranquillity, Opeth and Yyrkoon.

Other favourite metalbands are Iron Maiden, Rammstein, Sonata Arctica and Finntroll, but I also like other music like U2 and Simon & Garfunkel.


So, for the ears: the harder it gets, the better and for the rest of the body: soft and furry!

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Moso, our taste is very similar! I like Sufjan Steven, pixies and the shins too.I've had brief encounters with Iron & Wine and Belle and sebastien and thought they sounded great. seems we both like indie. Have you listened to the Arcade Fire?

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Well, here goes.. *takes a deep breath*


Ryuichi Sakamoto, Gree Day, Fischerspooner, Disturbed, Kilgore, Muse, Pantera, Rollins Band, Queens of The Stone Age, Rammstein, White Zombie, hed:PE, Wagner, whoever composed "The Blue Danube", a bit of Metallica, Santana, ZZ Top, Lacuna Coil, Gun, Korn, ooh heck - can't remember many more of them..


Anyone into any of those?



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Whoever composed the Blue Danube was johan Strauss... not too sure if it were senior or junior.


Oh and two more composers: Aaron Copeland and George Gershwin.

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Oh my!!


Classical!! mostly Classical. I could go on at great length but most here wouldn't have a clue.


Not to say that I don't like other stuff but it's so brief and passing.


Pink Floyd, Jefferson Airplane and Frank Zappa said it all for Rock. All else is warmed over poop. It's like a redo of Bach, but then you'd have to know Bach.


Now Willie Nelson is somthin else!!



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Isley Bothers, Santana, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Gary Moore, Jean Luc Ponty, Brand X, Ultraviolence, Napalm Death (love thrash metal) and thousands of others. However i cannot stand Country and Western (Dolly Parton et al); it makes my flesh crawl .


A post i was thinking of derived from my thoughts about the people who are members of this site:


They love fur, they are computer geeks, they are into science fiction...Why they must love electric guitaring!

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Mr B - You missed of Rolf Harris?


I know I'm not alone here, there's a few more PUNKERS out there, I've seen the SOM references


Best live acts as a nipper - Damned, Clash, The Fall, Skids, Buzzcocks, PIL - Never got to saw the Pistols to my shame. Punk was gone in a flash so jumped to two-tone for a while with the likes of Specials AKA, The Beat & Madness to name a few before OI/SKINHEAD brought PUNK to grassroots level with DK, Black Flag, Blitz, Exploited - PUNK disappearing for about a decade or two after that! Music died in the 80's/90's unless you were mainstream so I went back to my heritage & followed The Pogues (What a band to see LIVE on their first couple tours to the UK, until Shane's teeth all fell out ) The Levellers, The Cropdusters, Men They Couldn't Hang, Violent Femmes, Flogging Molly are about the best bands that I'd call Fiddle-Punk.

Lately Green Day (Awesome LIVE on last years UK tour) , Distillers, Bad Religion, The Subways.

Honourable mentions - PJ Harvey, Bjork, Tom Waits, Xmal Deutschland, New Model Army


AND I'm going to shamelessy plug a local band to me http://www.thedolmen.com/ one of the finest fiddle bands in the Sou' West & very reasonably priced on E-Bay if it takes your fancy



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Furelli you got to see some great bands! I forgot to mention REM, a legendary band. I was lucky enough to see them live in Granada, Spain last year.

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Rem, Muse, Green Day, Weezer, The Killers, The Kaiser Chiefs, Futureheads, Feeder, Manic Street Preachers, The Jam, Squeeze, Madness, The Smiths, Foo Fighters, Athlete, Jimmy Eat World, New Found Glory, Blink 182, Lost Prophets and many more besides

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Oh dear god.. Where do I start.. I have a few terabytes of music


I'll pick some favorites at the risk of leaving someone out;


Pink Floyd, Queen, Nightwish, Darkness, Rammstein, Staind, Trust Company, Frank Sinatra, Michael Bubl

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I might as well throw in my tastes as well. I'll listen to almost anything at least once, but I will say I don't like country, and most rap/hip hop I don't like. But to name some bands:


Current mainstream:

Linkin Park (no. 1 in my book), Blink 182 (they're self titled album is really good), Howie Day (Foxy Lady would kill me if I didn't put him in here), A Perfect Circle (been listening to Mer de Noms a lot lately), Tool, Porcupine Tree, Incubus, Creed, Evanescence, Live, U2, Green Day, Eminem (this guy is freakin' talented!), Breaking Benjamin, Crossfade, Disturbed, Shinedown, and I'm sure there's plenty more



Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaichovsky, Aaron Copeland, Gustav Mahler.


Dance, techno, and trance:

Massive Attack, Plumb, Daniel Bedingfield, Eiffel 65, DJ Sammy, PPK, Legura, Postal Service, The Chemical Brothers.


World Music (and I use this term kind of loosely);

Skilda, Bajafondo, and I have various albums from Putumayo.



Trans-Siberian Orchestra!!!!! (I didn't quite know where to put them).

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Oh my god furelli they just dont get it do they??????




well one day me and furelli will have to sell our own faeces on ebay and maybe you yanks will buy it cos thats what those bands are like. They have digested our music and try to sell us back the excrement of the petit bourgeois white youth that have eaten it; simplified tamed and gelded by the record companies No...noo...nooooooo....


And as for U2. As my girlf says she wouldnt p**s on Bono if he was on fire. THE GUY THINKS HES GEORGE BUSH FOR GODS SAKE.


Sorry abou that...rant over...but you have to have some standards.


Now the sad thing is you Americans INVENTED punk but have forgotten what it is. As did Strummer and WELLER. THANK GOODNESS that BRUCE FOXTON IS IN STIFF LITTLE FINGERS AND LAST SEEN RICK BUCKleR IN THE METEORS(Well if you dont like my attitude then pal youre out of luck...cos were the good time wrecking crew and we dont give a f***)




So if its one thing Punk taught me is music MUST be apoiltical(red wedge????...I mean!!!)


Then its unmastered. WILD




No morals.


Like from the jungle where it sprang.

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Its a devils wind that blows

when therEs a hole in your coat

and december snows are ugly

when yer boots have come apart

and you cant see a bright tomorrow

thriough the darkness of today












Johnny Cash; for those who dont know it.


I love it.


Prefer it done a la "Leningrad cowboys go amerika" but I still value it.


Oh and er...dance. Hmmm. Yes okay Massive Attack...very good live too for mood. And much as I hate that stupid swell head Bobby G I do like Primal Scream(just to dance to). But best are Faithless (nobody can touch them for dance/trance).


60 foot dolls were my fave band being mates but sadly split up now.

Also their former band "Blood Brothers". And Geoffs spin off band Dub War (Raw bud) my first date with my girlf.


Like the odd metal too. Motorhead obviously.


Band of the moment would be Kaiser Chiefs. Goldfrapp okay.


Best live act ever seen without a doubt Bauhaus. I really miss them.....


also The Trudy....them from planet Miron. Sadly gone too.

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Music is not purely subjective as that suggests egality in opinion.


Of course, children like nursery rhymes and that they are entitled to as it brings them great pleasure. However it doesnt mean that they are Art.


Likewise music. I wouldnt stop anyone listening to music of their choice but the vast majority of Pop is dross.


So, with a bit of banter in good spirit, I thought I would illustrate that point.


Nothing serious....we call it "taking the p*ss" and its very good humoured,

but maybe underlines something.


Now if you really want an objective opinion as to what constitutes good in music, I can give you an Art perspective. My opinion is worthy because thats my profession. However from a technical perspective, my opinion isnt worth much....I dont play an instrument. So I couldnt argue for example who could play guitar better but I could argue which makes better ART. Also its cultural merit, especially in terms of the commercial product and when it reflects pseudo political issues which by definition are poorly conceived/crass at best and dangerous or even sinister at worst.


Or are you suggesting that I dont know about Art but I know what I like has some real value?

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Art school PUNK!!! PAH!! (That was directed at T.O.S. BTW)


Bet you hightailed it off to be a New Romantic as soon as PUNK was untrendy


& HEY Big apologies to Hugh Cornwall, Dave Greenfield, Jet Black & Jean Jacque Burnel (Shame on us for missing them off the list)


It's good to see mind, that there's not many followers of main stream music on here so far That's always a good starting point methinks

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