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do you enjoy any other fetishes?

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do you enjoy any other fetishes?  

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  1. 1. do you enjoy any other fetishes?

    • leather/sheepskin/suede/velvet/latex
    • gloves/nails
    • piercings/tattoos
    • domme/sub/bondage/giant/cbt/asphixiation/bdsm/spank
    • smoking
    • shoes/boots/heels
    • vampire/gothic/corset/romantic
    • teacher/nurse/doctor/policeman/uniform/soldier
    • lingerie/stockings/suspenders
    • cross dressing/gender change/

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As a woman, I found it really funny about what we can "get away with" whereas men cannot.


If a woman wears her normal every day clothing, there's nothing odd about it at all, and no one even stops to look twice if I come out of my apartment wearing a suit and tie either. *laughs* As females, I think we can get away with wearing men's clothes (or I have been able to) without being considered fetishists or cross dressers.


A guy, on the other hand, wears women's clothes and here in Minnesota they won't say a word but every man, woman and child will wonder what in the heck is wrong with him. "That's different." is the time worn remark.


Same goes for furs, which have been out and about with me when it was a bit cooler, though it's getting warm again and they don't see as much air time as I'd like to have them on right now.


Girls can be more forward than guys can to a certain extent too, especially where I'm from. If a guy walks up to a girl in a suggestive manner here in the town I live in, three guys will be keeping an eye on that girl ready to jump up and pound the guy walking up to her if he says anything that so much causes her to blush, while I could (though I won't) walk up to a guy, sit down on his lap, lean over and smooch him and all he'd get were a bunch of jealous stares.


Same's true for being gay vs. lesbian here. What a weird world we live in, huh?


Oh, and to answer the original question, "Do you have any other fetishes?"


Yes. Oodles of them.

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There are so many, how to choose 8)


1. Crossdressing

2. Sub to a fur domme

3. heels/stockings

4. Don't know what to call this, but, 50s vintage fashions/styles (women in hats, gloves, stoles, heels)


The interesting issue here is the fantastic impact the internet has had on our ability to find these niche interests. Until the web, and the old NTC, then Melody now here, the expanse of fur fandom was hard to gauge. But now we see so much clearer. Its a blast having the opportunity to develop each of our interests; I bet we are all much more sophisticated and efficient in our fetishism/interests than 15 years ago because of the internet.


On follow up, it would be interesting to note to what extent people act on and actively participate in their fetish outside looking at pics/video? Count me in on all the above.


As to an ongoing concern here re: the acceptance of crossdressing/gender participation, for those who don't care for it, no prob, but you can bet there are many, many of us here, so be nice

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