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Life changing decision.. Help :/


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This thread was locked because we could see a flame war beginning, and I, as well as the administrators and moderators, absolutelely will not allow that to happen in The Fur Den!


I am reopening the thread, but I caution you - if it looks like it is about to get out of hand again, it will be locked again.


Come on, folks - ! I thought there was quite a bit of humor in this thread. First of all, the ruse - Those of us that know E know that he is chasing half the skirts in Scandinavia, but I also thought there were some interesting parallels, and equally as interesting to see the number of us who thought that E was actually serious.


Then there's the matter of the tragedy that has not only changed the life of our dear friend Eric, but because of the gross incompetencies that are allowed in a disgraceful number of medical facilities in the United States, he now has to deal with MRSA. Eric, my brother, we hurt for you. We hate the hand that life has dealt to you. It's just not fair! I'm betting that everyone in here who is a believer and prays has prayed their heart out for you - that this horrible disease will leave your body and that research will find a way for you to walk and function normally again!


On the other hand, Eric, I think you need to cut us a break. We weren't laughing at you. We were laughing at irony. We were laughing at humor. We were laughing at something totally disconnected to you and your life. I would only request that you be a little more understanding and forgiving of the human condition and understand that even if something said on this or any of our forums strikes a nerve deep down inside you, if that comment is not directed specifically at you or your interest(s), then your right as a member of the community is to either intelligently debate the issue or simply stay out of the discussion. Your thoughts, your feelings, your opinions - all are important to us, but at the same time our thoughts, our feelings and our opinions are just as integral to the success of this community as yours. It's not a rule in the Code of Conduct. It's just tolerance for our brothers and sisters.


Now then - Does anyone want to get this thing back on topic?

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Same ol' same ol' isn't it, you either have a sense of humour OR you don't & take everything personally a la American Revolution thread, jus lookin through the people who responded & how they responded was amusing enough for an exile like myself.......



Noted, Furelli. Now, like I said - Can we get back to the topic, or just let it go . . . ? FrBrGr

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Hmmm Earendil. It seems girls and cars are a wee bit contoversial in this strange mixed up world we all find ourselves sharing.


My advice therefore is to ignore the advice I gave previously. Ditch both girls and cars, and take up something less controversial. How about becoming a recluseive fur trapper in the Northern climes. then if people want to controverse with you (is that a word?), they have to find you first.


On second thoughts that wouldn't work would it? Guess you'd miss the girls too much.


Anyway - managed to get the fur word in - does that bring it back on topic?


Thanks, Ravens8! FrBrGr

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Humerous?..... Yes.

Arriving at an annoying time?..... Priceless!


Let's reverse the genders in this joke. (You men can be jerks too!)

Not only am I just coming out of a relationship ,

but the transmission in my new car took a poop! (can I say that?)

The warranty on my car expired 1,200 miles ago!


Gave me a chuckle when I needed it most.

Thanks E!!!

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I feel for you Foxy lady. I'm convinced that all machanical objects have a form of life force, which enables them is take perverse pleasure at messing us up by breaking down a few months after the warranty expires.


Yeah, very funny guys. But we have the last laugh in the form of the scrap heap and the crusher. Do crushers come with a warranty?!


And yes! you're absolutely right - some men can be jerks too, in fact perhaps more so when it comes to their treatment of women.

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Now THERE's a question! Would men be more attractive to women if they came with a warranty?


Six months to prove themselves, and show they can treat women right, or else tarred for life with the label "Failed goods"


Hold on! - who's side am I on?

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