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Update at Mr Mockle's: Naomi K in Furs


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Thank you for posting such an amazing new update, Mr M!! Think you have found a great looking young woman in Naomi K - she looks sensational in furs!! Let's all hope she returns for a future shoot


Keep up the good work!!



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She is stunning, although I think her makeup and hair could be done

a little nicer...anyways, its the fur that matters , right? great job

reeling her in Mr M... Svetlana is still my favorite...

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WOW, that's my kind of girl!!! i've never seen such a beauty in furs!!

i think i'm love now

if not i will defenitly have some nice dreams this night.

awesome post!!

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I hate to be the one to add anything negative to a postive thread. It makes me look unappreciative or worse. I think Mr. Mockle is generous to share his work with us (for free nonetheless!) and I have seriously spent a lot of time poring over his work.


All in all if I were to rate this 1 to 10, 1 being "piss poor" and 10 being "I can hardly make it to the bathroom before my pants are blown off my body by my libido" the furs would garner a very very solid nine, the backdrops and placement of the girl and photographer's style (all leveled into one score) would get a nine, and the girl herself would get a six.


What gives? Am I blind? Stupid? The girl is attractive. Don't get me wrong. If I walked into a room and saw her, I'd be aroused. If she were in furs, I'd be more aroused.


The problem -for me- is that she has her moments where looking at the photo makes me think she's really really into it, and looking at the next she looks like a bored girl wearing a fur and hardly caring about it. A friend of mine whom some of you know around here agrees with the gist of the statement (even though it's anonymously from the background) though claims I'm being a bit too harsh here.


There are pictures in that bunch where if it were the only one I'd kick the score for the girl up to eleven, but there are points where if the picture was a bad one, I'd prefer just seeing the coat.


Mr. Mockle, keep up the fantastic work. Whatever you tempted her with or drew out of her in the good pictures worked. Maybe you know which ones really make her shine, and know how to get here there again. In any case, I'd love to see her again, if just to show me that I'm a total idiot who didn't get it the first time around.


I won't apologize or be swayed from those thoughts, this is my opinion after all and best part about an opinion (a jaded friend of mine once told me) is that everyone has one, but I will admit that the moments where she shined almost made the whole shoot.

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Thank you - genuinely thank you - for your feedback on my latest update and your honest and considered view. It's nice to hear more than just a one-line "way to go!" post which most of the others are and I'm always open to comments and suggestions as a means to improve what I do.


Of course I could say many things in defence of Naomi or the nature of shoots but most of these you will no doubt have thought about by yourself or discussed with others. I can confirm that she was into the furs and the shoot and that we got on well so if there was a personality issue it didn't occur to me - but maybe I missed something. Everyone of course has preferences and I often get requests to work with certain models again or for the first time when the idea doesn't necessarily appeal to me.


I always shoot a range of looks which may give some feeling of indifference to the set when viewed as a whole. Some people really like the cheesecake smiles, some like the far-away stares of longing or distraction, some the glares and snares of contempt - so trying to please everyone within each shoot is difficult. (Some models can only do a certain range of looks in any case.) Personally I should say that I was quite happy with the range of looks for the shoot and do plan to work with Naomi again; in some of her pics she reminds me a lot of Victoria Beckham so there's a celebrity lookalike appeal there too even if those pics aren't the best of the session.


Perhaps as examples you could point me to the pics that did and didn't work for you; either by position or image number. Also tell me a little more about what sort of things you would like to see in shoots or would have liked from that shoot (given the model, setting and range of furs). I can't promise to act upon (or indeed remember) any of your comments when doing my next shoot but if others share consistent views then that is more likely to shape future projects in theme, model or outfit selection.


Thanks again for your input.



Mr Mockle

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Huge thanks, Mr M.


Great to see you add a new shoot to your site, and a new model always spices things up. (Stunner too!)


In response to the discussion between you and Furman, I did find it a bigger range of expression than with your previous shoots, but after the question raised and your well written reply, I went back to the site and did appreciate the whole shoot better, knowing that you were aiming at the subtle divisions within the fur loving community.


Thank you, again.

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Curious isn't it? I think this is one of your best shoots for the very reasons that Beautiful furs and furman think it wasn't.


I think the range of poses and expressions took me completely away from the fact this was a model in a photo shoot, and instead I was just looking at a beautifull girl, complete with a range of expressions that makes her human. (and we all get bored sometimes!)


The pics that do it for me (some examples) are the "superior in furs" look, eg 2,19,23. And the "I'm wearing fur" flirty look, eg 22,31,43.


What is nice about this shoot is that so many of the shots she is looking at the camera with a sideways glance. That flash of white in the eye is always a very flirty "come on" look. (Is this an evolutionary biological signal, or just a personal preference of mine)


I also just love fox stoles.


So all in all, a great shoot Mr.M - Thanks again " title="Applause" />

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I think this is one of your best shoots ever. Naomi is a stunner. I really like the different narratives going on in each photo. You can create your own story/fantasy from each photo. Like one day your all down and depressed because some idiot Belgian tourist just ran over your dog, so you head down to the local pub to toast his memory to find Naomi K sitting at the bar (pic 107) ready to mend your broken heart.

Seriously, the only nitpicky things I find is the background in pics 150 thru 171 has cast a bluish tint to the photos. There also seems to me to be a bit to much contrast in some photos, shadows becoming solid black (pic 168) and washout in the light areas(little bit in pic 123). Don't know if these are the correct terms as I know shite about photography.

This is my second favorite shoot you've done. Thank you very very much.

My fav is still Lana and Katie-Ann at the furriers.

Wish there were more people like you in the world.




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A Mr. Mockle update is always welcomed, and this one is especially great. What would the fur community do without your shoots? Thank you Mr Mockle, can't wait to see more!

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In comparison to the shoots with Katie Ann, Lana and Katarina, this is not as good of a shoot. On a scale of 1-10, I rate a 7. I prefer to see a girl dressed up in her coat. Diamonds, Pearls, heels and makeup. The model is pretty but not a great model. It is always great to see a girl IN LOVE with her coat, overstimulated by emotion and this model is not truely expressing that. The fact that your work is free, unlike the other sites we should all be greatful, I always look forward to seeing your projects. Thank You!

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