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myspace anti fur warning

Guest MissTheresa

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I thought it might be a good idea to let people here know that I got a rather short, anti-fur email from this myspace user saying I was sick:




You have to scroll down to see his page.

Of course I reported him and blocked him... but I know there are others here who are on myspace too. Just wanting to alert everyone.

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Quite clearly that person is a complete lunatic; just make sure that the report is acted on. If he gets suspended he will think again.


The level of immaturity and lack of knwledge about ideas like incentive conservation among these youngsters is staggering.



If you want to reply just send him all the links to WWF and other sites talking about it, pointing out that they are the experts in animals.










and this one which everyone here should be able to quote off by heart:







Finall ask him why he thinks animals are dying ouit rapidly in areas where the traditional hunting has been rplaced by alternatine land use like soya palm oil oil ligging etc and that by being anti hunting and anti fur he and people like him must take responsbility for one of the biggest criminal acts toward animla , perpetuated by PETA propaganda, in human history.


Ask him if he thinks this is preferable to the native hunting/furfarming/cattle ranching that was there before.


Finally tell him if we needd animlas they have a future because we will protect them for out own benefit. And that this form of conservation is the ONLY model shown to work in protecting habitats.


Tell him you forgive his vicious pop at you because he is quite clearly just misinformed, but if he reads these through he will not have that excuse.



iT IS WORKING ALL OVER THE PLANET , applies equally to foxhunting, fur production and native hunting/herding . These things protect habitats from development of land which destroys habitat taking animals to extinction. AND IT IS JUST A QUESTION OF EDUCATING THE PUBLIC AND PREJUDICE NOW.


So do not get these ignorant little F*** away with an attitude that is so alienated from nature that it threatens the very continued existence of animals.

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It's like peeing against the wind with those kinds of people, ToS. They won't listen to reason even if it bit them in the ass..


I think you did the right thing Theresa.

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thats cool Earendil; that animated thing.


Yes I know but sometimes you have to not let them get away with taking the higher moral ground.


I have converted many many antis to wearing fur, supporting hunting etc.




read thise links Earendil; I think they will surprise many. Foxhunting and the fur trade is now recognised by conservationistst as being a strong allt in the fight aginst habitat destruction. To such an extent that they say it is the ONLY model that is shown to work.

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TOS, some of these peta kids are basicaly Hitler youth in the 21st century. They are brainwashed and realy believe in ther cause. Im sure quite a few of them would even die for there cause if told to.

trying to reason with them is as Earendil said Pissing in the wind.

No matter what you show them they wont believe it.

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TOS is correct. If you just assume that nothing will be accomplished by citing those links, then you are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. I know it is very frustrating to argue with those idiots, so don't argue with them. Shove the list of links in their faces. Do not respond to their comments, just declare your own.


Doing nothing results in nothing done.




P.S. Someone in authority here ought to create an easy-to-reference repertoire of these links and pro-fur statements so we can just cut and paste.

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The lovely chap got me to answer his poll *sigh*


Ah well, I cannot tell a lie... so I said that I preferred fox, as does at least one other 'voter'.


Just wish I coulda told him about the fox coat I was wearing as I made my intentions known though WEG.

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The people on sites like MySpace and YouTube are often imature children who often don't know any more than MTV tells them. They get bombarded by groups like peta with Ad's in magazines, TV shows, and Movies non stop. This persons profile says they are 16 so they obviously know very little of the world and are parroting things they've been told by brain washing groups like peta and alf. Perhaps you should put a disclaimer on your site that says you don't want to hear from animal rights peta(philes). I think Dennis Leary said it best when he said in his comedy routine in No Cure for Cancer "Your 16 you don't know Sh$% about Sh$% pull up your pants!" Pay these people no mind MissTheresa we love you!

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good point Eric about them being like the Hiler Youth.


But that dooesn't mean they can't be redeemed. One free mind is worth a thousand slaves; and as Patience says we should just paste them links and tell them to stop being brainwashed and get with the more enlightend thinking.

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yeah, i saw how young he was and honestly couldn't be bothered to do more than report him to myspace, and complain about one of his pics and reported it as obscene (the one with the wheelchair and the bj reference... just tasteless and offensive to me). I blocked him of course, but will copy that list, thanks touch, and paste it onto my profile. I did already change my profile text to start out telling antis to bugger off, but the list of links is needed there. thanks again all!

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I had a feeling the wheelchair/ bj pic would backfire on him.

Now if someone whos disabled(ME) had a pic like that on there profile, it probaly wouldnt be offensive.

But that kid is whacked and too full of himself.

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Yes the first couple of links are for foxhunting, the third is one of the WWF projects which reintroduce big game hunting as a conservation model, and the fourth about fur farming., The first is about hunting and conservation in the Yukon.


AR people should be made aware that whatever the issue, they are very wrong, and that alternative land uses endaher animals big time. Forever.


Also it may be wirth posting the www.arcticphoto.co.uk site with specific references by link to the Cree and other peoples. Type in Evenk, Yakut, Sami etc and fur and it will throw up some photos which a million words cannot describe. They give a breathtaking insight into native peoples and fur.

The picture of the Cree lady preparing the beaver for a feast and the one of her stretching the skin are priceless. beaver cannot be farmed, and the Cree give them sanctuary in their lands to build their dams and breed and therefore they are plentiful and they can use them for both food and fur. Kind of makes you proud to have been able to be part of that when you buy a sheared beaver fur saying "made in Quebec" huh?






post those with the Cree trappers association website.




shows the Nenet having theirs furs bought .

and www.arcticphoto.co.uk/supergal/rws/rws01/rws0106-15.htm to show the pollution that our greed for oil , used in the mannufacture of all synthetic clothing, is doing to the region where they live.


then this is beautiful:


www.arcticphoto.co.uk/supergal/rws/rws01/rws0135-04.htm to show how the Nenet value the animals.


check this too:




heavy but important reading by conservation workers in the field who conslude that native people using sustainable animal resources is the best way to protect habitats.




www.panda.org/about_wwf/where_we_work/e ... wsID=13895



I think if you put something like before any antis take offence by my love of furs, perhaps they should read the latest conservation ideas and prepare to have their minds opened to the idea that fur and hunting may actually help animals, through the incredibly succesful model of incentive conservation.

Also "sunsistence" hunting also means that the people have the right to sell their furs and the whole thing collapses if we do not. They cannot live in isolation from world economics; furs are real fur trade.


May also be worth posting the "save the baby veal" poster, aswell as the

Inuit perspective:







Through in some links to people like Saga and other fur farms and the truth of the high welfare standards and this could actually nip prejudiced ill informed ideas in the bud. (90% will be too thick to follow it, but the 10% that do are the people who matter anyway).

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Of course I reported him and blocked him... but I know there are others here who are on myspace too


This kid's behavior, in this one instance, speaks volumes about his ability to communicate in a civil manner with other people with whom he has disagreements. I think he would be likely to repeat this bad behavior in similar situations in the future. No?


If a few people with whom he is likely to disagree were to casually appear inside his "horizon of influence" within the MySpace community, do you not agree that such an immature person as this kid would be likely to lash out again?


If that immature person did lash out, don't you agree that the recipients of such hate mail would be well within their rights to report the incident?


Correct me if I'm wrong but, if a person gets enough complaints against him/her from other MySpace members, he/she gets banned. Right?


Of course, it would be wrong to suggest that a bunch of people band together to "bait" another individual but it certainly is fun to think about such things.


Just consider this a Gedanken Experiment.

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you may have just invented a new "bloodsport" worker.............

zombie baiting.


I think you are all cruel ganging up on the poor boy. Give him a break. Arm, leg, you choose.


Judging by the number of tests he's taken he's desperately seeking a personality and failing badly.


An ameaoba has the ability to multiply and divide, which is far more intelligence than he is displaying, a prime example of a dickhead. (see drug names posts)


He's not worthy, He's not worthy.

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you may have just invented a new "bloodsport" worker.............

zombie baiting.


I'm not the first one to think of doing such a thing. This has been done many times before.


I've only read about it happening in other places, though. I would never actually participate in such things, myself.

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I think ten minutes alone in a room with the two Miss T's in furs would cure this child of any mental shortcomings.


I am sure there is a story in that worker and OFF ????!!!!

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Wait a minute I think I feel a mental defect coming on....I think I need some time alone in a room with the two Miss T's in some furs..LMAO

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