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    My first experience was,as is common, beaver lamb. I was about 11 or 12 and had had what I now know to be, errections whenever I saw touched or even smellt my mother's full length brown BL coat. It had dark brown satin lining and I had been used to 'playing' in it for a few years. You know, just dressing up. I used to slip my legs into the sleeves and pretend they were fur trousers. What I hadn't noticed wasthat I was gettin more and more rough with them; pulling them tighter into my crotch. Until one day the innevitable happened. I came all over the lapels. I was transfixed. Up until this point I thought spunk was white spekkles of dust ...not a torrent a white 'glue'. I thought I had died or had some medical mishap. No, I was just beginning a deep and abiding fascination with fur. My first Love. In many ways I wish it hadn't happened and then I could have been free of the terrible burden fur-love is. There's no going back. Once your virginity has been 'broken' by fur you are effectivelly hooked (or even married to fur?). A terrible thing to contemplate now that I have been married 'for real' for many years. But it's still there. I used to sneak that BL coat out whenever I could. Sometimes faining sickness to have the day to myself with the BL coat and a detached Black Fox collar which was lined with black satin and was of 1st class quality. The first 'snick' of the coat hangar as I gently lifted 'my love' from the rails would have me shivering uncontrolably. The BL fur was easy enough to clean but the smell of fish(?) was very strong so I resorted to using small polythene bags over the shaft ...held on by rubber bands. Suitably protected I would spend hours inserting my penis into every crevice of the fur ...only to lose the darned bag when I got to orgasm. I would promise myself to be more careful next time. But no, I always came over the pelts ....until one day I spurted a rather large quantity over the satin around the hem ( I particular favorite part for me) ...the stains I couldn't get out. They were there 30 years later when the coat was thrown away. So, my mother new. When I brought my girlfriend home for the night at the age of 19 ..she slept in my bed and I slept downstairs on a foldup bed (it was the sixties) my mother came in and covered me up with her natural coney full length. If that wasn't a desparate act of sabotage from a jealous mother Idon't know what is. Anyway we got married.

    I had broached my furfetish with my wife to be in a very frank and forthright manner. She 'accepted' it as not being a show stopper. My collection of furs has, inevitably, grown out of control and she will no longer have anything to do furs. I, howver, cannot abandon my first love. I can just about guarantee that this would be the outcome of most married fur fetishists ...FrBrGr, you are the exception. Stolen moments with as many furs as you can wear at once and in every possible configuration.

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