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    Hello all, I am a first time poster but a long time forum watcher. I was so happy to find out that I am not alone in my love of furs. My first experience with fur goes back to when I was about six or seven. My aunt had two fur coats, one was a full-length mink and the other was a full length squirrel. I always enjoyed her visits during Christmas. She usually stayed with us from the week before Christmas to the week after New Year's. My mother would insist that the coats be kept in my bedroom closet, since all the other closets were so full. One Christmas was exceptionally cold and as we drove back from church she wrapped me in her mink. It was incredibly soft and felt so good on my hands and face. When we got home my aunt hung the coat in my bedroom closet, as usual. I was very curious about how the fur would feel "down there." When I was sure that everybody was asleep I carefully removed the mink from the closet, boy was it heavy. I layed it on my bed. At first I just ran my hands across the fur. But the more I did this the more I found that I was getting hard. I got out of my PJ's and layed on the mink, face down and proceeded to wrap my entire body up in the fur. I began to hump and it felt great. As would have it I satisfied myself several times that night. After that, whenever my aunt visited I offered my closet to her. On all of her her visits I would spend hours alone with the furs. I so looked forward to those winter nights.

    A year or so after this first experience my mother purchased a fur line coat. I am not sure what it was, it may have been mouton or rabbit, but it was soft. Since the other closets in our house were so full most winter coats were kept in my bedroom closet. Needless to say that once I discovered the joys of fur I had many romps with my mom's coat. As I got older my need for fur increased and I found myself taking unusual risks to satisfy my urges.

    One such time was a New Year's eve party that I threw in my basement. I was about 14 and asked my parents if I could have a party for New Year's. They agreed and I invited a bunch of friends. Well when this one girl Nancy, a rather pretty girl with a good figure showed up at the door, I was amazed to see that she was wearing a multicolored rabbit fur jacket. I immediately offered to take her coat. She gave me her coat and I informed her that all the coats were being put in an upstairs bedroom, my bedroom. The plot thickens. I showed Nancy to the basement, where several other guest already were. I ran upstairs to put her coat with the others. I could not control myself. I undid my pants and stroked myself with the soft rabbit fur. Not wanting to arouse suspicion I did not complete the job. I gathered myself together and proceeded back downstairs and into the basement. Several more guests arrived and I proceeded to take their coats to my bedroom. Every time I entered the room I got turned on. I began to look for excuses to leave the party. I was always getting more munchies or drinks. Every oppornitunity I got I was up there playing with the fur. I was never really able to complete the job. Every time I left the bedroom I made sure the fur was on top of the pile. Finally I excused myself, claiming to have to help my mom, for a little while. I made my way upstairs, entered the room, locked the door and dropped my drawers. I layed on the fur for a few moments taking in the feel and the smell of Nancy's perfume. I then began to roll all over the bed with it. I needed a release. I humped and pumped for what seemed like an eternity. I began to fantasize about Nancy and having her and the fur coat. I finally got that familiar feeling in my nether regions and knew what was about to happen. I jumped up and stroked myself hard with the fur and shot myself all over the place. I inspected the coat to make sure I didn't stain it. Thank god I didn't. Although it would have been interesting to see if Nancy Noticed. I cleaned up and gathered myself up and made my way back downstairs. Ironically Nancy was the first person I saw and she asked: "Is everything OK?" I told her that everything was just great. Under my breath I said: "Thanks to you." The party was a success and I had more fun than any of the other guests.

    A few years later, while in high school, I was hanging out at a friends house. We decided to go to another friend's house for a party. It turned out that the person's house who we went to was someone I had not seen in a few years. It also turned out that there were only seven of us there. Five guys and two girls. We were all hanging out drinking and due to nature I needed to use the facilities. I asked the host where the bathroom was and he directed me to a second floor bathroom. I knew that there was fur in the house because I had seen the guy's sister a couple of months before and she was wearing a very nice blue fox jacket. When I got upstairs I went into a couple of the rooms and didn't see anything. The last room I looked in had a couple of clothes racks full of clothes. Right away I noticed the blue fox jacket. I immediately became excited. I realized that I had been away from the group for a little too long. I went back downstairs and joined everybody. After a little while I excused myself again. I headed straight for the room with the clothes racks. I grabbed the fox jacket, undid my pants and began to rub my privates with the soft fur. The excitement of possibly getting caught only added to the pleasure. I knew that I needed to feel more of this fur on my body. There was no room to lay the fur out. I quickly moved to the bathroom, locked the door, threw the fur on the floor and lowered myself onto the coat. I began to hump the coat hard and I knew I was not going to last too long. I rolled over and covered my myself with the fur and rubbed furiously. Just as I began to release I jumped up and made a mess of the toilet seat. My aim was a little off. Just as I was finishing I heard a knock on the door. I was thrown into a panick. What was I going to do with the fur? How was I going to explain? OH MY GOD! I heard the girls outside the door asking if I was finished. I told them I would be right out. I opened the cabinet under the sink and stuffed the coat in there. I was hoping that they would not look in there. I cleaned up, flushed the toilet, washed my hands and left the bathroom. The two girls didn't really say anything as we passed one another. I didn't know if they had heard me grunting as I was pleasuring myself or not. I went back downstairs, got a beer, relaxed ever so slightly and waited for the girls to return. The girls came down and didn't say a word. Thank god they didn't find the fur. I excused myself complaining of a stomach ache and bolted upstairs to the bathroom. I retrieved the coat and rushed it back to the rack where I found it. I gave it one more stroke of the hand and went back downstairs to join the party. I never did check the coat to see if I had made a mess on it. I don't think I did, but I have never seen the guy whose house it was again or his sister. This was my first experience with fox fur and I have been hooked ever since.

    Fur Diver

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