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Fur Identification - Possibly Mink?


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Hello All,

I'm new here, so hope that I'm posting this thread in the right place!

I was gifted this coat by a relative, who believes it is a mink.

I have my doubts as it is very red coloured, which I've never seen in mink before.

I'd be grateful for any help or advice, as I'm trying to expand my knowledge on furs in general.

Many thanks,

Syd x





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I think it's a rat muscat fur, try searching on the internet, if it's mink it's a bit ruined

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Pretty tough to tell from the pictures. I'd bet on some kind of weasel, but not mink (the pelts are too short and thin), nor sable. There are a lot of weasel varieties, a furrier can help you out here. Nutria would be another—unlikely—option.

I don't think it's squirrel, the pelts seem to be different in size and pattern. Same goes also for muskrat imo.

How is the touch of the fur? Silky, fine, medium fine, coarse, hart?

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