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Will this be the first 4000 hits on an off topic page?

Guest touchofsable

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Well it seems 4000 of you have crammed into TOS's smoking lounge, to see all the lovely models and actresses smoking in fur.

Hopefully that will enable you to be a bit more tolerant of us smokers!!!


I just imagine how if it were a real smoking bar and the likes of Frankie Rayder and Kate Beckinsale and Carol Alt and Elle mcpherson etc were in there in fur and all you anti smokers trying to get in there!!!!


Oh and specially for allfurme and Furpunk, a classic Rhonda Fleming smoking in fur:



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TouchofSable, I think we all viewed the page just in case you started ranting on that no one views your posts (a fate worse than death)

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Thats a nice answer after my little gift of Rhonda!!!


I think also , like we raid other fetish and fashion sites for fur pics, ours get raided by smoking fetishists, which is the largest fetish community on the net.


If that brings a few tolerant allies to our cause, all well and good.

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