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*** Day Six. And away we go. (Important)

White Fox

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You are trudging through the dry desert sand. You cannot believe that it is possible to survive such a long time without food and with so little water! But you suddenly think about how great it would be to be cool or even cold again. Wearing your long fox coat. After so long to be cold again after this terrible heat. Because this is...


Day Six!


***Folks, things are going to begin to take shape here. From now on most (but not all) of these messages are going to contain important info about what is upcoming so it is extremely important that you check out each one that is posted each day. You will not need to wait to day 0 to find out what is coming. Indeed you will find out very quickly here.

Any guesses any one? No one has hit it yet. I will tell you that much! (By the way, if you are one of the few fortunate people who know please don't spoil the surprise for those who don't.)


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