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Native furs in links

Guest touchofsable

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Can I ask the site organisers to please put up a special Native furs section on links.

I posted a few on the old site and am extremely disappointed that they are not deemed worthy of mentioning. Since the fur revival is at least partly down to their dogged resistance to PETA and attempt to continue to sell their furs, and the fact that they have shown fur farming and trapping to actually protect habitats and be a positive force to conservation, then not to mention them is ignorant of us. Please address this.



We need to support them as they have us. For centuries.

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I agree totally, and will certainly do anything we can do to support them. However two things come to mind here. One is that maybe we could have a seperate section in 'Pictures" for them when that area comes on line. And, in future it might even be possible to have a seperate forum or area within a forum for them. Problem is right now we don't yet have pictuers, and I am not sure we have a forum that would fit into. We are trying not to add forums right now until folks can get used to the system we have and where to post different things and so on.


I will certainly entertain any ideas at all that you have on this as I agree with you totally that it is a very good idea. It is just that until we have pictures I am not sure we can address it properly.


Let me know your ideas.


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Well I think we could post these as links in the links sectio for starters:













www.fur-lingerie.com/ YES INDEED YOU DID READ THAT RIGHT!!!!


So please could these (and others as we are made aware of them) in the LINKS section, and make an effort to try to give custom to these excellent ventures.

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I thought you may like that last one!!!!


That skirt is really great isnt it, and also the boot muffs and other creations. Some really beautiful things.


Those people who dont look at that site are definitely missing out!!!!!

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