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Do not wait for the yanks to remake this.


Watch it. Now. It must be the best horror movie of all time, for originality, humour, plot, acting, use of multiple graphics in the subtitles, effects, animation etc etc.


A real visual treat.


It was the higest grossing Russian movie of all time.


You HAVE to see it. Sadly no fur except for the fox tails on the helmet of one of the soldiers in the beginning.


For you Brits its on skymovies bpx office now. Do not delay if you like a good horror/sci fi movie, and a film that breaks boundaries.


Nightwatch has shot into my top ten all time fave movies.

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NightWatch is a fairly good film and the first in a trilogy; I think the second film "DayWatch" is out later this year or next. Did you notice the effects on the subtitles?


Still better than most recent Hollywood horror fare (perhaps except for Saw/Saw II) but behind a lot of recent asian horror films (Audition, Ringu, The Eye, Dark Water, A Tale of Two Sisters).



Mr Mockle

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yes the subtitles were brilliant.

My bro's girlf is Russian...her freinds have seen daywatch already and they say its even better.


I though it was a little more fun than the ring etc.


Saw and sawII were both good too.

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I saw "Day Watch" yesterday and I think "Night Watch" was far better avtually. This felt more like a typical sequel, nothing really new, just the same thing as before but longer. A lot more fur though, several of the characters wear fur during the whole movie.

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Yep, at least three. One in a wolf jacket, one in a mink coat and one in a tibetan lamb jacket. The wolf and mink may be something else, I'm not 100 % sure. Sadly, Zhanna Friske who is in the movie, doesn't wear any of these coats.


Zavulon, the "bad guy" also wears a huge wolf coat and what looks like a knitted mink jacket.

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I love a good horro film!!

When I was a kid, I used to gather a few friends home when parents were out, kill the lights and close all shutters to watch old-time classic horror films and B-Movies. I will definately watch Nightwatch and Daywatch if you suggest it.


Someone told me about a film called Necromantik, but it more of a canibalism splatter horror film and really sick. Anyone seen it? I think it is german.

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