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On Friday March 3rd (tomorrow)

Sir Paul McCartney and his wife speak out against something they call shocking, brutal and horrifying. What has them so upset? Tune in at 9 p.m. ET.

Seems like the Newfoundland fur seal hunt is about to begin and Sir Paul wants to shame Canada into stopping it. However they will be joined by Newfoundlands Premier Danny Williams who is very much pro hunt. Just a little info about The Right Honourable Danny Williams.

The dispute between Williams and the federal government relates to the percentage of Newfoundland's offshore oil revenues that the province is allowed to keep while still receiving federal equalization payments. To show his displeasure with the federal government, Williams ordered the removal of Canadian flags from all buildings in Newfoundland last week. During the televised spectacle in NTV's St. John's studios, Williams publicly disparaged the prime minister for 20 minutes, calling him a "no-good cod-sucker," among other, less printable things and then, grabbing a Canadian flag, dropped trow and wiped his royal Newfoundland behind with said flag.

Hope he kicks their old wrinkely poopers!

Should make for some fun family viewing



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