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We could be heroes(just for one day)

Guest touchofsable

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Well the USA were heroes against Italy; just for that one day. Australia too had a good run too. Several of the other small teams plyed out of their skins too. But apart from the Ukraine, we are lifet with the ussual suspects in the quarter finals. Apart from the Ukraine so I will be rooting for them. If Sevchenko gets some support they have a big chance of beating Italy.


But in contrast to football, horse racing does give us heroes that acheive dizzy heights, and fairy tales. Nortons coin, a welsh hill farmers horse who couldnt win a 3 horse point to point, won the Chelrenham gold cup in 1990.


But it seldom happens in flat racing. Money and breeding usually asserts.

NOT so this year. The Derby and the guineas were won by inexpensive horses and small owners. It may be the year of the little people.


But perhaps one of the greatest stories this year will I think soon merit a movie.


A taxi driver, who lives in a caravan in Australia, bought a horse for

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WEG Come on ToS... get the facts right.


Takeover Target cost A$1250....... won that one and finished 3rd in second race less than five days after that........... hmmmmmmmm Oh yeah... Tales like that are not uncommon in Aussie racing. It's amazing how many "sure things " that cost bulk money turn out to be monday Quarterbacks. Hm or should that have reaad "glue factory fertiliser".

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