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Any one in Minnesota?


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On 6/4/2022 at 2:20 PM, Peltzz said:


Wondering if anyone on here is near or in MN would love to chat with someone local!

Used to live close to Minnesota if that counts and visited MSP many a’time. After I moved, I always checked on Craigslist MSP for solid deals on furs. I’m never on that site anymore unfortunately.

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Sadly, the ONLY time I saw Furs in the winter was at a city party for New Year’s Eve along the Red River Valley. Two or Three mature ladies were wearing their classic black full length mink coats. Definitely a head turner! But alas, for almost a decade I was close by and had to deal with the subzero temps for four+ months, I wish I had scene more. 😞

But wait, my friend living close by there had a mom that also had a full-length mink pushed back in the foyer closet. Sooooo many times was I tempted to take it off the rack and yeah…

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