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Sophia Loren question

Guest touchofsable

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In the Guardian magazine this weekend there was a black and white feature which included a photo from 1963 of an actress lying on the floor naked in mink, smoking a cigarette, taken from above. The key said it was Sophia Loren ....but it didnt look like her.

But it was gorgeous.


Anybody know anything about it? I may have to send off for the mag which is free with the Neswpaper as I only saw it briefly whicle I waited for a takeaway.


A couple of other guys said it was nice too, and also it didnt look like Sophia Loren.


EDIT: thanks allfurme and sorry for the miss spell.

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Touchof Sable; Are you thinking of Sophia Loren. Sophia Lauren could be an entirely different person rather than a mis-spelt name

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