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Do You Remember This....

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How many of you remember when Furbrg had a yahoo group?

I came across a few notes from 97 when I first got onto the net and that yahoo group of his was listed in them.


So how many of you go back that far?

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now then, I do remember the original Den that we used before Melody. I've been trying to think what it was on but don't think it was Yahoo. Am I right? As for the site before that...

I 'm so old I can't remember what I had for supper tonight and I ate just ten minutes ago!

I was around pretty much everywhere so I am sure I was around there.


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Eric, the very first Fur Den was on Delphiforums. Furup, I, too, was a member of MinkMan's Fur Club. I became a member, I think, back in 1992. After Pat closed it down (because of his health as I remember) I established the very first Fur Den, I believe in 1996.


I'm like you, White Fox - but I have an excuse - I have CRS Syndrome. (CRS = Can't Remember Sh**)



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In Britain we thought there were only computers in things like the space shuttle back in those days.


I had a nintendo in the 80s.


And I nearly got lynched for withchcraft when I bought a playstation and had tomb raider.


But its encouraging to know that you guys have been around that long.


Well done!!! Your work may have brought many people out of the woodwork.

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The delphi era is where I made quite a few friends that I still stay in touch with every day, but If I recall right you shut down the yahoo group and really kicked up the delphi den. Whats strange is so much of this seems like a couple of years ago but is really much longer.


This was back when there was like 4 big fur groups on yahoo I recall.

A Long time ago for some of us.

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