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Support for harrassed fur-businesses!


Should the members of this forum become more pro-active in the promotion of the use of fur by collectively supporting fur-businesses harrassed by PETA and similar organisations?  

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  1. 1. Should the members of this forum become more pro-active in the promotion of the use of fur by collectively supporting fur-businesses harrassed by PETA and similar organisations?

    • Yes, but done on an individual basis by a member who spots a harrassed organisation?
    • Yes, but as a group we come up with a letter of support from ourselves to forward to the harrassed organisation

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I was one of the two (so far) who opted for the 'individual' approach. Actually, this was kind of a tough decision. I think a letter from an orgination with 618 or so members is pretty effective. Yet it is still one letter. I think it would be helpful if we had a 'form letter' that we could use to express our support to furriers and others that are being harrassed by PETA.




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I think we need to come up with a name for a pressure group before we do that.


Furden is nice and cosy for us but dooesnt sound like anybody would listen to us.


Likewise we dont wasnt a name whick looks like it is industry led.


We need a name such as;

Fur Defence Association

Society for for Fashion Freedom

Fur Appreciation Society

Fur Alliance Support Team (My fave...FAST)


Fur Alliance Support and Truth (FACT)


Or something like that.


If we have a suitable name, and it covers all of us, and Miss T/joint input letter plus a 10 fact statement supporting fur use as ethical, we have the OPTION of sending it when we want too.


If anybody comes under attack from terrorism then we can send it out:

1. With a few lines geared to specific support

2. With an invitation to the den


I garee that as a pressure group, we would have more influences as individuals in number. But if I got a letter of support from 600 people it would improve my morale enormously.

A politician would just say "well they would say that" and bin it. But support from a group is priceless, could bring us very special members,

and help people from feeming isolation and despair.


Hence I vote for choice 2, along similar guldelines to what I have said.


Now look at the title of our den:

Dedicated to the Appreciation of Fur.


That covers a massive welath of reasons why people could come here and be part of our community.

We have people like Tryxie who want to become fur designers, people like Linda who loves all aspects of fur and is a retailer; people like Miss T who uses it in her Art; people like me who are kind of Anti AR on most fronts and is style oriented; people like Earendil for who fur is an integral part of the culture in Norway; people like Worker who loves Teddy bears

and has come to support fur that way; people like Piotr who feels culturally isolated in a hot country from his business; people like Furpunk and others who like classic movies with fur; like OFF who wants the right to wear fur as part of his lifestyle; people like Lana who have sites dedicated to fur fashion; like Mr mockle who uses fur as a photographer of galmour ; people who like particular celebs etc etc


We are not necessarily fetish oriented; we are working well as a community and can pool resources to give people under pressure the support we give one another here.


We can be so much more than a fetish forum.

We can be a real positive force for good for fur in fashion, art, culture, and conservation.


No other pro fur group is such a broad church, and a potentially growing evangelical one!


Vote 2 folks!!


Some of us have formed a anonymous FUR MAQUIS for anybody who is interested in becoming a little more active.

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i opted for #2, and agree that we would do best to unify our mission, so to speak, before actually sending anything out to anyone.




I just found the letter of introduction for the den to use so here it is:


A Letter of Invitation to the Fur Den


On behalf of many people who share your interest of

wearing fur proudly and openly, I wish to extend to you

an invitation to join our group at:




Allow me to properly introduce myself before going any

further. My name is Theresa and I am a photographer

and model. I found the Fur Den about a year ago, quite

by chance, and much to my delight. I quickly joined and

became an active member posting my thoughts, sharing

my images with others who appreciated glamour and fur

as much as myself and genuinely found a feeling of

acceptance there. I have become friends with many

wonderful people that live so far across the globe, if not

for the Den I would otherwise never have met them. I am

quite grateful for this nuturing environment wherein I feel

at ease with my genuine love of fur. I now know that

there are large number of other people who share my



We are contacting you as you have been vocal about your

openness to wearing fur, or if not vocal per se you have

been seen wearing fur openly out in public. We at the

Den admire your courage and ability to stick to your

beliefs regardless of opposition. I elected to be the

spokesperson for our group and offer up a cheer of

"congratulations to you!" You have the most esteemed

approval from our members and we all wished to convey

that to you.


We are a community of like-minded individuals who have

a den that is warm, soft and inviting like the fur we

adore. You will find many things of interest when you

walk in the front door of our "home" as we like to call it.

There are many areas on our discussion and specialty

forums in which you may peruse silently, voice your

opinions and meet new friends or learn about fur and

share a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.


We at the Den wish to strive to gain back our personal

freedom to wear fur if we wish, without fear of reprisal or

recrimination. Ideally I believe our members at the Den

would like to see the general public become more

enlightened as to the benefits and joys of real fur. For far

too long, the only loud voices speaking of fur at all have

been passionately against it in every way conceivable. Our

desire at the Den is to invite anyone to join our group who

shares our passion for fur. I believe our group is part of a

new voice that expects acceptance and tolerance of our love

of furs. We wish to tell a more honest version of how the

fur industry operates in well-established, law abiding nations

and the benefits of using a renewable source, such as fur

bearing animals, and how those benefits impact the entire

planet. Our members span the globe and come from all

walks of life. This diversity gives us a great wealth of

information and many perspectives from which to view

issues and discuss them. I feel we as a group posses a

great sense of unity and desire others to join in what we all

have... a furry haven of self-expression, friendship, shared

goals and, above all else, FUR.


Again, we ask you to take a few moments to look at the Fur

Den and hope that you will find it to your liking and wish to

join us. Thank you for taking time to read this letter!



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I think that if a buisness is being harassed by these crack pots should seek legal help in there plite, a letter weather in group or indevidual form is good for moral but no help for buisness , this letter should'nt however give the impression that those involved become patrons of said buisness and that this is a written show of support.

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