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Useless fur info


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I have a piece of fur seal that Furs By Graf gave me. It was in a white paper bag full of fur seal scraps from an old fur seal coat that Kimberly Graf took big pieces from to make a fur seal throw. I have distributed the pieces of fur seal to the wife of a US military man and their daughter and to a female Somalian classmate of mine from my Psychology 101 class last fall semester at San Diego City College. This distribution of fur took place two weeks ago at the Oak Park Public Library near my home. The day that the distribution took place, I was in Balboa Park. It was a hot day, so I laid down on my back on one of the stone benches and fondled several pieces of fur seal. Passersby were amused, shocked, and made curious by what I was doing.


I have measured the height of the fur and it is approximately 1 centimeter high.



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