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Worker 11811's favorite fur links.

Worker 11811

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I've been spending a lot of time reading the Fur Commission USA's website. They've got a lot of good information there. The first link I will pass along will be to that site:


>>> www.furcommission.com <<<

Edit by AKcoyote: Corrected minor error in above link

Spend some time browsing around. They even have video of how mink are actually fed and cared for.


I learned a lot there.


Second is Tsarevich Furs.


>>> www.tsaravich.com <<<


Their styles are kind of "mod" but I generally think they are OK. But there is another reason I like this site:


>>> Teddy Bears! <<<


These are among the nicest looking real fur Bears I have seen!

Most furriers make Bears as an afterthought, either as a way to recycle scraps or as an offshoot of their fur restyling business.


These Bears look as nice as any Steiff or Merrythought collectible Bear and their prices are competitive... even without considering that Tsarevich's Bears are real fur!


Take a look at THIS guy! >>> White Polar Bear <<<


You'd pay $450 for a comparable Steiff made from acrylic!

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Indeed, there are so many different links in our links area that we so seldom get the chance to look at. The Fur Commission is one. Two or three different times folks have sent a link to this "New site" and it is the Commission. But just another new area they have found on that great site.


There is indeed so much great info there. Very well worth the time to look at! And the folks at Tsaravich are such great folks as well. Indeed there is a chance to see some things there that are not the all the same as everyone else is selling. \


Great links indeed Worker

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I like the furs but the Bears are what really got my attention.


They make some really nice Bears, regardless of the material. And, for the quality of the product, their price is competitive with the best non-fur Teddy Bears you can find.


They must have some "Bear People" working for them.

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