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My friends,


As a part of my European sojourn, my friends and I plan to go to the first day of the Pukkelpop festival in Belgium on August 17. My French isn't what it used to be, but I managed to get into the site to buy tickets online. Everything was good until I went through the process of buying tickets with a credit card - they accepted my information until I was asked for a user name and password, which I didn't know I needed.




The problems began when I went back to the home page and tried to register. I filled out the form in French (the English version wouldn't load at all), but I was confused by the "gsm" number they ask for at the top. I've never heard of a "gsm" number in this context. Judging from the caption, I assumed this to be an arbitrarily chosen numerical password that is used to access the site. I chose one, entered my information, but, unfortunately was met with an error message: I apparently had not filled out the required fields correctly. The only problem I can think of is with that gsm number. Has anyone from outside Belgium bought tickets on a site like this before? Can anyone offer any advice whatsoever? Thanks,



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GSM is Global System for Mobile Communications.


They want your mobile number when in Europe.

If you cc me the link I can translate if needed.


Good luck Jimme.

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[email protected]


I got this email adress for info.


It seems they don't cater for foreigners online................!!!


Maybe send thm an email and ask for a normal phone number to call them.


Other number are all ""800"" numbers, will cost a fortune from the US.


Will check site over the comming days.


Try from




in dutch or




in french


Cheers Jimme

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Thanks, Jimme, see your pm box.


OK, since the first number I tried was my mobile number, and it didn't work, I assumed GSM in this context may have stood for something else in French. Hehe...excuse my barely bilingual navigation of the global web, but is there a different format in which I could enter my mobile number so it would make the form send properly?


I just discussed this whole shit with my friends, and they're also open to seeing Radiohead and Beck at the Rock en Seine festival in France on 26 August instead. Anyone know any tips for greater ease there?



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