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Encouraging words from a random online forum...


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In our ongoing cultural clash with the...less enlightened folks out there, it's always nice to read some opinions on various message boards. I just found this one, and it strikes me as a rather centrist (neither absolutely pro- nor vehemently anti-fur) group of folks. Read it as it grows, as I hope it will, and feel free to find more places where people are freely expressing their fondness for furs!






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A very intelligent discussion.


Even the people who are 'on-the-fence' agree that there are pros and cons depending on the fur. I especially like the post that points out that chemicals used to produce faux fur can be more environmently unfriendly than real fur.


Even they were concerned about PETA propaganda seeping in, I would be happy to enter a discussion with PETA about topic, but they are so self-righteous that they don't stop to consider the livelyhoods they ruin by their criminal activities. (Plus the races and cultures that have survived for thousands of years thanks to the practices that PETA wants banned!)


Truely educated posting, and hopeful for people like us.

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fantastic and much in line with the reactions I get wearing fur in public.


Also some of the comments to my stories on literotica are mostly from non-fur folks. Many of those are very supportive of fur in that context as well.


I think the reality is not nearly so bleak as we have in our more paranoid moments.



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i think farm people in general have a natural attitude to animals as livestock and not as pets. the like them, they care about them, since only well kept animals yield band they use them, for milk meat or whatever...

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