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GOOD NEWS about Furbabe's Place.


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Carol: Thanks for your kind words. I am considering alternatives. I don't know if you read my post here not too long ago about why I was going to close down my site. My main issue was that I have over 1700 members and I feel that very few appreciate the site or even have an interest in fur or fur fantasy stories. I took the time recently to view some of the newer members, read their profiles (if they had them) and I saw no mention of fur. So I wondered to myself, why do they join? If they have no interest in fur, fantasies about fur, or fictional stories dealing with that subject, why would they join the site? I won't go into this in detail again, but that has caused my frustration. I understand your point about it not costing me anything to keep the site open. It takes time to write stories. I'm not an egotist not am I a professional writer but I guess I have not felt as if it is worth it lately. But again, I am looking at other options and I will let some people know what I do. Thanks so much though for what you said. I value your opinion and your friendship.



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The number of members who have a desire to not read your stories is not important. It is important that there are a few members who enjoy them. Also, your site is one of the few resources for finding fur stories. This alone is enough to keep your site open. At my Yahoo group I show just under 2400 members. I don't know or care to know how many of them are interested in fur. Those interested will make themselves known and those who joined without any interest will just have joined.


As I and White Fox have indicated, there is a library being considered here at the Fur Den. Once it becomes operational, your stories could be transferred to it so they can be saved instead of becoming history.


Remember, above all, your group is a resource for fur stories and should be preserved.

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I lend my support for all you say about sableman and your story site as well.


It's not how many reads or replies that count, especially if you write them for yourself.


The poorest scorig of my stories has the nicsest comment and several negatively commented stories have the highest score and greatest number of reads. Go figure?? Clearly and ultimately none of that matters.


Glad to see you will be around for awhile.




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