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Faux Fur May Be Real Fur!


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For most people, high quality faux fur can be difficult to distinguish from real fur and in some cases, it's because the fur sold as "fake fur" is in fact real fur.  Upon inspection, certain imitation furs have turned to be real fur from cats, rabbits, minks, and raccoon dogs (related to foxes rather than domestic dogs).  Depending on quantity of faux fur required to be manufactured, use of real fur from existing fur farms may be cheaper than setting up a factory to produce fake fur.  Here is one of the many examples: Illegal cat fur sold as faux fur on British high-street - Humane Society International (hsi.org) 

There is nothing new about illegal animal furs misrepresented as faux fur.  In addition, other furs have also been substituted for more common sheepskins.  For instance, fake Ugg boots lined with cat fur on the inside have been found on the market.

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