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Random Business Idea - Fur coats and expensive clothes.


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Basically I was reading the coat check topic on the forum, about fantasies of working an a cloakroom full of furs at a theatre or concert or something and being able to play with the furs. I realised that cloakrooms always end up gaining a handful of forgotten coats, especially ones in things like nightclubs where people can get drunk and therefore forgetful, and a random idea came to me, that probably wouldn't work, but, it's an idea. 

I do admit this is entirely morally wrong btw, and it's basically advocating for literally building a system to essentially find a way to get access to high end expensive furs and whatnot, without buying it, but.......we live thinking about fur fantasies all the time and I'd never be able to pull this off, so.....a guy can dream right?

Ok, so the idea:

A nightclub that requires you to wear only expensive or high end designer fashion. Plays great music, there's a fee to get in that's kina exorbitant, but essentially you advertise the club based on the exclusivity of it. 

Everyone that goes has to wear expensive clothes, high end designer clothes, no exceptions. Which is part of the gimmick of the nightclub as a way to show off your expensive fashion and your new fashion. Fur is encouraged, designer shoes are encouraged, etc etc etc. Basically the more expensive and fashionable it is, the better.  

This bit is hard to put in place, but maybe patrons that wear the most expensive outfit or exclusive outfit or deemed the best outfit at the end of the night maybe get a prize or something, whatever......and again, something hard to implement, but encourage patrons to drink as well. 

Essentially the idea is, that you have a cloakroom at the nightclub for people to give in their coats (coats aren't permitted on the dancefloor), and obviously, because it has to be high end fashion and the more expensive the better, you get a shedload of expensive stuff, almost certainly including fur in the colder months. Because everyone's drinking and drunk there's likely to be a few left behind......

And, here's the kicker: 48hr policy. If you don't claim for your item as potentially lost or left at the venues, we hold on to it for 14 days. Unless you can provide a reason why you can't collect it in 14 days, it's ours. 

48hrs to remember your night, retrace your steps and remember where you left your favourite new £500 pink fox fur jacket. I think that's reasonably reasonable tbh. 



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It might actually work since £500 is just hardly anything to the rich.  But what are you going to do with all those coats?  Open a museum?

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Well.....I had more but I accidently posted and then it wouldn't let me edit it. 

 Essentially, anything that we don't sell on or give to charity, a certain type of fur/coat lover might want to keep...

TBH if you had the money to run this type of business you wouldn't need to essentially kinda steal furs, but then again I do wonder if it would be cheaper to run a nightclub that caters to the super-rich based on a gimmick, that's essentially just a normal nightclub, just one that has this exclusive "thing" about it, than it would be to be rich enough to afford a steady stream of expensive clothes. 

I'm not just into fur, I'm mainly into expensive coats and designer coats, so I figure, if the minimum you're probably getting in there is a few hundred, but realistically, really expensive designer clothes like Chanel and whatnot would probably come in on the really snooty ones......then there's a chance you're probably pulling in a good few thousand pounds worth of coats every so often.

In my fantasy at least, I'd be making use of them every chance I got loooool!!! TBH.

Honestly, I think the cost of running the nightclub might be less than what you could charge because of the exclusivity and the collection of at least a couple of generally high end coats and scarves and probably bags as well and whatnot, might just work. There's literally so many ways to take it; off the fur tangent, but.....a collection point for shoes and replacements with trainers that are easy to dance in. Kinda defeats the purpose in a way of the fashion aspect, but if you seperate the outfit judging to maybe the beginning of the night or when they arrive.......I don't know why I'm thinking so much into this looool!!! I just think from a fetishists point of view.......taking out the morally questionable aspect of it, it's kinda a decent idea.

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