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TOS has hit a milestone!!!


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Touch has passed 1000 milestone!! :


To say the Touch has taken this place by storm, would be an understatement. He has forever changed Off-Topic. Attracting more and more members it is now the Den's pub and one of the site's favorite forum.


TOS, I think you know that I will forever be your friend.




Congratulations, TouchofSable!!



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Indeed Touch has become a common site here making many well thought out posts in the Den and Pub. He adds a great deal to this site especially bringing his insite and knowledge from the native angle.


Welcome to the one thousand posts club touch! It is great to have you here as a member!


White Fox

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I believe the internet has the possibility for place of free speech, honesty, camarederie and truth.



I am sorry I have a big mouth sometimes; but its because I believe that

this place is important. Its an oasis of civilisation in a desert of social decay.


Its vibrant, thrives on dischord and then gives harmony true meaning.


It is a place of TRUTH.


Ca plane pour moi.


And thankyou for the recognition of the effort I put in. And indeed...thats whats so great is that so many of us really put effort in here.

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As Linda said, I too feel I have made a wonderful friend in Touch, and I am very thankful for that, and this forum which made it possible!


Way to go on the 1000 boisterous one!

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Bettr late than never (after a long birthday weekend) - Here, here!




. . . and thanks, TOS, for all you do here. You have become a vital member of our community. We're fortunate to have you amongst us!


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Thank you for your kind words.


But its the plave and all of you who inspire me , and I am partly just trying to give back and make us a true community.

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Congrats Touch!


...And there is nothing wrong with being vocal. It just means your highly passionate about what you believe in.


Fur on! -ROB

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A kindered spirit in more ways than 1 and a vital member of our community.


By the way you recieve free anger management lessons for passing 1000 posts so keep it going.












Corrected the number of posts.


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