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What a week!

White Fox

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Well folks. In about three hours our new site will have been open for a week. FrBrGr has been waiting for this for so long!


I can barely believe what has take place in that time. With so many posts I just could not come even remotely close to seeing them all. Many days (like today) I could not get time to enter the Den except for very quick glances.


As strange as it seems I cannot actually tell you how many posts were made in that time. As someone mentioned there were posts here when you came that were made during the huge work of site construction. And many of those have now been removed. (Those of you who watch post counts would see them go back many times last week.) Let's just say that in a that time members have made between a thousand and fifteen hundred posts. In that time we have had over 350 members join. And believe it or not with probably less than 10 problems.


AK has done such a beautiful job of this site making it run so well. Hopefully you have had a chance now to look through the whole site, seeing the huge links page, the rules and FAQ, the different forums and so on. It is really important that you post the proper messages in the proper forums.


In the time to come you will see many improvements as we have mentioned. We are hoping to be able to have a spell check on site. As mentioned, chat will be back in the distant future. There are a number of little tiny changes coming that will just make the site run better and be nicer to use. However, our first priorities are to get the "Post Counts" back on line. I have told AK that he is to take some badly needed rest time right now, so that will take awhile yet. We also want to have as many old members registered as possible before we do that to avoid problems.


After that, we will be bring pictuers on line, and the old messages will be coming back to this site. Please do not look for either in the immediate future though. This is a huge undertaking for AK and we need to take it easy on the poor guy. He was starting to turn blue int he face from lack of air about the time we came on line. Developing these two areas will take a long time. But, they will come! Changes will just slowly keep coming. Today you might have noticed that the rank text over the bars above the Avatars changed slightly for many of you. We are gradually finishing these off so they will be right when post counts come back.


I am not sure if it was visible but it was so unbelievably hard to close the old Den. When I wrote those last two messages I could barely hold back my emotions. I was so glad that Joe Al was there to actually press the key to lock the forums. But now we can look on to even bigger and brighter times at The New Den and at Melody.


It has been such a great week folks. And each and every one of you have been part ot that. It was even great to see a member make the thousand post plateau to finish this off!


Thanks everyone for making this such a special time for all of us here! Thanks to everyone who helped witht he site before it was opened or since that time. Thanks to the mods and to the members. It is due to all of you that this is such a special place indeed!

WhiteFox, FrBrGr, and AKcoyote

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