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Hello dear fur friends,


We found a vhs video: "spoiled rich"


Spoiled Rich Description: "She was a 14-carat love machine. With diamonds wheels and soft warm fur covering a golden exterior. She approached lovemaking with the same passion as any other business. Arousing equal success. Spoiled Rich. It'll spoil you for anything else."


See: http://www.moviefilmfest.com/AdultVHS/16763V1+Spoiled+Rich+vhs.htm


Nice regards,



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I hate to break the euphoria of such a video but I purchased this tape many years ago and the ONLY fur to be found was on the cover...


As with many tapes like this a total disappointment for us...



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Ah yes... the continuing battle of false front covers on XXX videos. Wonder if they could be sued for false advertising?


There was another title, "The Fur Trap", which also came under the same 'cover' along with two or three others that were of similar ilk. Hmmmmmmmmm maybe we should set up a topic... "falsely covered DVDs/Videos" *grin*.

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Mr. B,


Did you really find the Fur Trap all that bad? If you had seen the movie, and using it in comparison to other XXX fur films that don't deliver at all, it in the least does feature some fur during a number of the "get it on" shots.


I feel the Fur Trap made a 'humble attempt' at keeping one aroused with the use of fur. It would be nice though, if the movie would have been more liberal with using fur overall, and should have provided some important insight for other XXX film makers to follow suit. Sadly enough, we continue to wait for films to be made that feature liberal use of fur throughout and no one seems bent on taking up the challenge in making fur flicks with some decent dialogue to boot.


Some good XXX fur films with story lines that intrique and tons of fur all along the way would be a boon to those of us that want such movies to see. I think the Fur Trap attempted to greatly revolutionize XXX fur, but alas came up short somewhat itself. - It's just to darn bad that it did!


With Furry Regards, -ROB

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